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civil war medicine V.S. modern day medicine

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clayton boren

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of civil war medicine V.S. modern day medicine

clara barton- Dec. 25, 1821- April 12, 1912
she was a nurse in civil war battle camps
originaly she was a teacher
she founded the red cross
her nick name was "angle of the battlefeild"
helped wounded soldgers in the battle of antitam
civil war medical camp conditions
let me elaborate...
1) piles of body parts all over the place
2) no sanitation for the surgury tools
3) the doctors didn't wash there hands
4)nearly no clean water
people in civil war medicin #2
Mary Ann Bickerdyke-
was a hospital adminastrator
she was one of the only nurses in william shurmans army
called mother bickerdyke by the soldgers because she took such good care of them
she was an attorney after the war
people in civil war medicine
civil war sanitation
lots and lots of people with diarea all shareing the same space
infected wounds left and right spreading deseises
again with amputated body parts everywhare
"medicine" in the civil war
As mentioned before, they used cloriphorm to knock you out
they gave you a mixture of chalk dust, honey, and murcury if you were sick (this poisoned more people than it helped)
the only way they could treat wounds was with amputation ( they didn't know a better way
civil war medical tools
they used...
anything from cloraform to wisky to relax you
the bone saw as there main tool.
(also had an amputating kit, it had all the cutting tools in it)
health and sanitation
sanitation in hospitals much MUCH better
no more limbs
doctors wash there hands and there tools
more indavidualized treatments
know more about sickneses, infection, and heath needs in general

people in modern medicin
one person who helped with modern day medicine is
Florence nightengale
he helped explain sanitary conditions and its importance in hospitals.
civil war medicin
more civil war medicin
modern day medicine
civil war medicine
modern medicine

civil war medicine overveiw
in reveiw...
clara barton founded red cross GOOD
bickerdyke helped the soldgers
body parts in piles all over the place
poisoned people with infection and with the medicin

There is the civil war side now...
modern medical tools
1. a pressure cuff for takeing blood
2. a stethiscope for listening t sounds
3.a calculator for ajusting drug doses
5.a personal organizer
6.an otoscope to look in ears
7.ophthalmoscope for looking in eyes
8. a light
9. patella hammer for cheaking reflexes
10. name-tag and pen
modern medicin
vaccseans for many deseises are now available from a very young age.
some including...
swine flue
lime deseise
and hepititus (A and B)
modern day medicin
florence nightengale started hospital sanitation
no more body parts
doctors wash there hands
more uneque tools for each job
vaccines now available to all
the medicine today has greatly out-classed the medicine of the civil war and has many more advances in many areas
one is that the hospitals are sanitary meaning less chance of infection
secondly the doctors are more trained(i didn't mention this earlier but its true)
and lastly, but not realy just the last example, is that our medicine can cure many many of our deseises
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