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the wonderful journey of life

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of the wonderful journey of life

My wonderful pets.
My dogs are wonderful because they are super cute and fun to pet.
Wonderful food!
The wonderful food in life. Sushi is my favorite food it is so delicious! Its usually made out of raw fish seaweed rice and any other sea food you want to add.
Most wonderful sport in life.
The most wonderful sport in life is golf! It is super fun and a great way to spend time outside.
Wonder is a great book about a kid named August who is different than other kids.
Roger was bad then he turned into a wonderful kid. At first he liked to steal but at the end he wanted to help people.
Auggie is such a wonderful person because even though he knows people make fun of him and stare at him he is still happy.
Don is a wonderful person because he spent a good amount of money to build wheelchairs and give them away to people who don't have enough money to buy one.
A wonderful idea
A wonderful idea in Wonder is that just because people may look different doesn't mean they don't have feelings so treat everybody with respect.
Thank you for listening!
The Wonderful Journey of Life.
Liam Schaelling
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