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final presentation

our final presentation for this project

paul turner

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of final presentation

New Orleans Final Four 2015 Have you ever been to the
best city for the Final Four
before? What city is this may
you ask? Well its the outstanding
New Orleans, Louisiana! In Louisiana
you will never be bored, hungry, or in
alot of pain because it has everything you
would ever dream of. New Orleans has some of the best hotels
in the whole country. A great advantage to the hotels in New Orleans is that they are close to shopping centers. The hotels are great also because at the hotel there are lots of things to do at night. In the city of New Orleans there
are many great airlines. There are
many great choices to choose from.
There is more than one airport
so if one is busy you can go to the other. There are many great media
outlets in New Orleans. For one
there are tons of concerts at night.
Some of the concerts are free, so go
and have a good time!
The New Orleans area has many great
attractions. There are great historical
monuments, museums, and plenty of games.
The weather in New Orleans is just great.
In the spring the average temperature is around
Seventy degrees. It rains a little but just enough to
Keep you cool.
Thank you for taking your time to
listen to our presentation today. It means alot
and thanks again. We hope you have a great rest of the day.
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