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Sustainable Business Practices

Palm Oil sustainability

Richard Lewis

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Sustainable Business Practices

"duty of care”. Source: Velasquez (1991) Progress and reduce the risk Opportunity “Sustainability - Our responsibility”. Impact Palm Oil, what is the problem? Why does it affect us? Suggestions and Solutions. What is ethical? Competition The middle man responsibility Borneo Created in 2004 •The customers mind

•Employee motivation

•Innovation Source: Deforestation in Borneo (2011) Sustainable Business Practice
WWF Palm Oil Transparency Supporting palm oil each step of the way Global warming

Brand image

Connecting with customers
Over 300 football fields of rainforest are destroyed every hour in South East Asia!

Over 50 Orangutans a week die because of this devastation! Source: Palm oil Action (2013).

Only 7% of the total production of palm oil is currently certified as sustainable! Source: Borneo orangutans survival (2013). Source: RSPO (2013) Vs Source: Deichman J (2012) Source: Deichman J (2012) Source: RSPO (2012) Source: Tropical rainforest of South East Asia (2011) The Due care theory rests on the principle that the agents have a moral duty to provide customers with as much information as they have been made aware of themselves. Source: ICA website (2013) Source: ICA (2013) Source: Ebbinteractive (2012) Source: Top News (2012) Source: Executiveboard (2013) Enforce mandatory reports.

Set up better farming schemes focusing on project management.

Boycotting palm oil is not a realistic or sensible option. Source: RSPO 2013 Source: RSPO 2013 Source: RSPO 2013 Bibliography:

Palm Oil Action (2013), 'About deforestation', http://www.palmoilaction.org.au/ (Accessed February 26th 2013)Borneo orangutans survival (2013).

Click Rally Magazine (2011), 'About Borneo deforestation', http://www.clickrally.com/deforestation-in-borneo-its-impact-on-indigenous-societies-and-implications-for-development/ (Accessed February 27th 2013)

Deichman J (2012) Deichmann J., Fitz-Koch S., Gauger S., Jafari H. (2012), The Swedish organic food market: a competitor and industry analysis, pp. 1-26

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Tropical rainforest of South East Asia (2011)

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(Velasquez 1991): (Velasquez 1991). Ethics: Concepts and Cases by Manuel G Velasquez (1991): Manuel G Velasquez ( Trade Paper 1991).
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