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Decoding the Disciplines

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Kerri Flinchbaugh

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Decoding the Disciplines

For more information, visit Decoding the Disciplines
Three Types of
1) procedural obstacles in which students have not mastered the steps that are necessary for successfully completing the tasks required in a course;
2) epistemological bottlenecks in which students fail to understand the basic nature of knowledge construction in a discipline; and
3) emotional bottlenecks in which students affective reaction to the nature of the discipline or of the subject matter hinders learning.
7 Decoding Steps
1. Identify bottlenecks
2. Define the processes that students need to master to get past the bottlenecks
3. Model these processes
4. Create opportunities to practice these processes and to get feedback on them.
5. Motivate students to move through these processes
6. Assess student mastery of these processes
7. Share what has been learned

Decoding the Disciplines
Thank you!
Within each academic field there is a disciplinary unconscious (not the repressed unconscious of Freud) - the automatic processing that allows us to drive a car while thinking of what we need to get at the grocery store.
We are able to concentrate on acquiring and interpreting evidence, while our brains automatically run through numerous moves below the level of consciousness.
Examples of Decoding the Disciplines
Creative Writing
from the Indiana University's History Learning Project
Designing for Writing Transfer Across the University
Decoding the Disciplines and Threshold Concepts
Studying Transfer: Relevant Theories of Learning
Writing in different disciplines is different.

What are the questions/problems the discipline takes up?
What kind of evidence counts?
What are the genres the discipline calls on to make knowledge?
What is transfer?
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