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St.Matthew kidsVEST

No description

Jennie Vallis

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of St.Matthew kidsVEST

For-Profit Business
or Enterprise
Profit is the primary goal
Profits benefit the owners
Can you be an Entrepreneur?
A person who organizes and
manages a business
kidsVEST is a program inside of Kids Go Global that helps
students create an action plan to make a difference in the world.
Creating your
Social Enterprise
Week 2: What Issues are Important to Us?
SMART Goal Setting
Setting Goals
VP of Promotions and Place
VP of Product and Price
Directors are responsible for
researching the material costs
figuring out production process
building a prototype
making and maintaining a budget
Directors are responsible for
determining how the business will effectively sell its product.
design of marketing, promotions and awareness events
making all photo/video documentation and maintaining all social media, Kids Go Global project pages and online marketing tools.
Discuss with your group and decide what the next steps for each role are in order to get your business running. Use the
kidsVEST Action Plan to work out the details in each department.
Corresponds to kidsVEST Action Plan
Connects to the
Kids Go Global Website
Enactus Business Coach Support
Presentation/Worksheet Legend
Learn about NGO projects and what you can do to make an impact
Share your experience with other kids worldwide through blog entries, photos, and videos
On your own Project Page, track your progress and project development
Welcome to Kids Go Global
Helping Kids Make a Difference
in the World

Extended Questions
Trickster Support
Week 1: Let's get started
Explore the Issues through Theatre
Learn about Kids Go Global and explore global issues on www.kidsgoglobal.net
The Kids Go Global Website
Explore the issues on www.kidsgoglobal.net
and pick two causes that are important to you
What is an NGO and who is doing what to help?
The 4Ps, Brainstorming of Product/Service Ideas for Social Enterprise
What is kidsVEST?
What can kids do to Take Action?
Exploring NGO Partners on www.kidsgoglobal.net
Lead Discussion on Global Issues ( continuation from last week's exploration)
Define - What is an NGO?
Social Enterprises
Social enterprises are businesses whose end goal
is help people or the environment
Week 3: What is a Social Enterprise?
Components of an Action Plan, Product & Service Ideas
Researching Your Issue
Fundraiser/Awareness Day Ideas
Brainstorm Product/Service Ideas
What Happened in the World this Week?
Discussion of 'Ways to Take Action'
Fundraiser/Awareness Day Ideas
Week 4: What are some Product/Service Ideas?
Discussion and brainstorming of product/service ideas for creating our own social enterprises
Discussion of what was learned about issues through research (homework)
Business Departments

Week 5: Choosing Our NGO Projects
What Make a
Great Sales Pitch?

Remember-Make your presentation memorable, unique, informative and fun!
Week 6: Getting Our Social Enterprise Started
Week 7: Our Completed Action Plan
NGO Involvement
What are the goals of your social enterprise?
NGOs help the world
'Non-governmental Organization'

Explore The Issues
Homework Assignment
Let's explore some global issues

Have a Prototype ready for January

Have your Kids Go Global Project Page
Completed for January
Week 8: Getting Back in Action!
Prepare for NGO Visits Next Week
Review our Completed Action Plans
Week 10: Preparing our 3 Minute Elevator Pitches
Demonstrations of Good Pitch vs. Bad Pitch
Polish the pitches and ensure the Presentation Page of Action Plan is completed
Look at Presentation Ideas and develop presentations with each group
Week 12: Getting our Social Enterprises in Production

Video Documentation of Production Period
What are different measures of success?
Week 11: The Agents of Change
Video Documentation of the Agents of Change Presentation
Pitching our Product/Service Ideas to the Agents of Change at the Starship Enterprise
Presentation of Seed Money to Successful Products/Services
Support Student Presentations to Agents of Change
kidsVEST support material ( not needed)
Week 13: Prepare for Sales Launch

Creative promotion ideas and Project Pages
Week 14: Parent Night

Video Documentation and Online resources (KGG, Social Media)
ready to show Agents of Change next week
Support in Final Presentations to Agents of Change next week
Preparing our Project Report for the Agents of Change next week
Prepare Final Sales Report on Project Progress and Measures of Success
Week 16: Reporting to the Agents of Change

Video Documentation of Agents of Change Presentation and
Media Support for Student Projects ( support material and documentation)
Support Students in Final Presentations to Agents of Change
Taking a look at our Project Success and Repaying the Endowment Fund
Support Students in Final Agents of Change Project Report
Prize for Best Business Coach
Kids Go Global helps students make a difference in the world.
What are some issues that you think
are important?
Our social enterprises have both business and social goals.

What are some realistic goals for our social enterprises?
Picking an NGO Project to Support
where will your support make the most difference?
does this make a difference one-time or continuously?
how many people does this help?
how sustainable is this project?
is this an international or local project?

-A Mission Statement tells you the essential purpose of your ***business***
-Focus on the present
-Informs you of desired level of performance

Example mission statement:
Nike - To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

-A Mission Statement tells you the essential purpose of your ***business***
-Focus on the present
-Informs you of desired level of performance

Example mission statement:
Nike - To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

What is an NGO?
Water Education in Central America
Canadian Red Cross
Typhoon Haiyan Relief
Canadian Hunger Foundation
Sponsor business start-up and crop/livestock gifts
Kids Cancer Care
Sending kids with cancer to camp

What are some NGOs you know?
What Issues Did you Choose?
What is already being done and who is doing it?
Learning about NGOs
on KidsGoGlobal.net
Explore www.kidsgoglobal.net and choose an NGO and one of their projects to Support
Divide into Issue Groups
Build An Action Plan
Examples of NGO Projects
Divide into two groups based on the Issue Groups and Business Department Needs
Four Corners Sorting Exercise
In your issue group, with the help of your coach discuss the CCSD approved NGO projects you explored on the kidsgoglobal.net website and choose the NGO Project you want to support
Provide list of acceptable NGOs ( National/International Projects)
Research Your Issue
explore kidsgoglobal.net Issues
NGO Website/Resources Addressing Issue
Video/Photo Content about NGO or Issue
Newspaper/magazine articles about global issues
What Did You
Learn about Your Issue?
discussion and research to create awareness
How is this different from other businesses or enterprises?
Who Starts a Social Enterprise?
Was that a social enterprise or for-profit business?
How could it be a social enterprise?
Break into your two Issue Groups and Brainstorm products, services and events you could make/organize/sell
Think of more product/service ideas in small groups and add sticky notes to the idea maps
Disaster Relief
Go Green
Human Rights
Exploring the Issues on KidsGoGlobal.net
Learn About The Issues
Create Awareness
Hold an Event
Start a Social Enterprise
This year, you will learn about how to run your own social enterprise to raise funds to support the issue.

You will have access to Business Coaches, Social Media/Marketing Experts, Theatre/Artist Support and the Kids Go Global Website to help design, sell and market your own social enterprise
Can you think of an entrepreneur you know?

Can you think of some
characteristics of an Entrepreneur?
Each team will present to the Agents of Change, a panel of business
professionals and will grant 2 winning teams with start up money
for their own social enterprise.
Types of Enterprises
Evaluate your product and service ideas, The 4Ps, Picking Department VPs
How Do You Help
Your Issues?
What products/services did you brainstorm?
Exercise: How close to your issue?
4 Main Ideas to Consider when Selling a Product
Making a
The income (money) that you receive for products that you sell or services you provide
The amount of money you spend on
paying someone or the stuff you need to make your product.
When the amount of money you have spent making your product equals the amount of money you've
made selling the product.
when you start collecting more money for selling your product than it costs to make
What Makes a
Successful Product or Service?
What makes you want to buy it?
What qualities must it have for you to notice the product or service and spend your money on it?
How does your product relate to your issue?, Business Departments
Setting Goals, Working in Departments to Source Materials, Develop Marketing Content
Product/Service Idea
Agents of Change
kidsVEST Project 1
Product/Service Idea
Product/Service Idea
Product/Service Idea
NGO Project 1
NGO Project 2
kidsVEST Project 2
Which department do you want to work in?
$150 Seed Money
Who are your two VPs?
Our Business Team
Our kidsVEST Action Plan
The kidsVEST Overview
Skills of a Business Leader
Your coach will help you work through the Action Plan in your project departments
Start building kidsgoglobal.net Project Pages
Discuss material sourcing and building a prototype
Review our Product/Service Action Plans
**This session should be booked in a computer lab
Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals, Getting Departments Researching/Producing Content
Act out strategic marketing/promotions
Building Kids Go Global Project Pages and Sourcing Materials
Oct 28-Nov 1
Nov 4-Nov 8
Nov 25-29
Dec 2-6
Nov 18-22
Dec 9-13
Build your Kids Go Global Project Pages
Review your Product/Price Research Action Plans
Review your Promotions/Place Action Plans
Review your Action Plans
With your Department VPs, review your completed Action Plans
Product and Price Department- Prepare your material lists and begin researching where to buy materials
Promotions and Place- gather research material for Project Pages and work on marketing materials
(logos, posters etc)

Build your Kids Go Global Project
Page with your research gathered

Discuss and research material-sourcing,
and production process
Product and Price
Promotions and Place
Sourcing Materials and Production Process
Building your
Kids Go Global Project Page
Look Ahead
What are we doing next?
NGO School Visit
Agents of Change
Getting our Social Enterprises Running
Awareness Events
Product and Price
Promotions and Place
A look at project prototypes, marketing materials and Action Plan Review
NGO School Visit
Project Groups to show Prototype and Marketing Materials ( homework over break)
The Kids Go Global Club
Opportunity for lunch-hour club
to organize awareness events
Week 9: Let's Meet the NGOs
Report to Business Coaches, show your prototype/project page
Refine your Action Plan
Introduce Agents of Change
Looking at Prototypes/Project Pages and revise the
Action Plan as needed
Help present the Project Pages to the Business Coaches
Promotions and Place Teams
Product and Price Teams
Help present the Prototypes and Production Process to Business Coaches
VPs ensure your teams are ready to present prototypes/project pages to Business Coaches next week
VPs of Promotions/Place - Nominate 2 Members of your team to be your 'Webmasters', they will be in charge of making/running your Kids Go Global Web Page
Preparation for
NGO Visit Next Week

Jan 6- 10
Jan 13-17
Share your Awareness Event Ideas
Event Awareness Idea Sharing
**demo the ideas
Report to the Coaches
Presenting in the
Starship Enterprise

Brainstorm about some creative presentation ideas for your product/service
before class next week
Introduce Agents of Change
Present your prototypes and project pages to the coaches
Refine the Action Plans

Purpose( Vision)
Understand your cause and where the money is going to go
Show your prototype or demonstrate your service
Know your 'numbers' about your business.. ( ex. how much it costs to make each product etc.)
How are you marketing your product?
What will make this successful?
Please and Thank Yous
What makes a good pitch? Review and develop pitch presentations with each group
Jan 20-24
**make visual
Practice and Posture!
Good Pitch vs.
Bad Pitch

Choose a few presentation ideas from last week's
homework, and present them in a
Good Pitch vs. Bad Pitch demonstration
Which was the better pitch and why?
Make Your Pitches
With your business coach in your NGO Project Groups, fill out the Pitch Pages of your Action Plans
With the Tricksters, polish your creative and interesting pitch
presentations for the Agents of Change next week.
Practice and polish your pitch presentations. Practice makes perfect!
Jan 27-31
A students brainstorm
check off each of these

Make sure to demonstrate
what a good/bad pitch
Nov 11- 15
Social Media and Marketing Support
Kids Go Global School Liaison Support
Agents of Change ( kidsVEST investors/ board
of business professionals)
Dividing into Issue Groups
Types of Enterprises
Starting a Social Enterprise
What is innovation
Brainstorm Product/Service Ideas
NGO Project Groups
Business Department Groups
Whole Class
Class Groups
Who Will Be In Your Class?
What are some things we can make/sell/do to help our Issue?
Action Plan
Action Plan
Action Plan
Action Plan
NGO Project 1
NGO Project 2
Things to Remember
all sections with a green * are mandatory and won't let you submit your page until completed
remember to reference where you found your images/video
Photos in the banner must be a minimum 480p wide ( to find large images, set your google image filter to 'large images only'
an issue must be selected for the project to show up in listings
Exercise: which side of the boat are you on?

Sustainability ( 4 R's)
Feb 3-7
What are some other measures of success?
**Add to action plan
Measures of Success
Week 14: Sales Launch & Parent Night

Creative promotion ideas and Project Pages
Week 15: Creative Marketing and Social Media

Creative promotion ideas and Project Pages
**no coaches this week
**marketing expert to come in
Our vision statement will be the first page of the kidsVEST Action Plan
what do we care about?
what do we want to change?
Step One: What is our vision?

Step Two: What is our product
or service idea?

Tips for Sourcing Materials
buying in bulk is cheaper, so try to buy the full quantity that you will need
always accommodate for error, purchase a bit extra just in case a few don't work out
compare prices between different stores, doing your research will ensure you get the best deal

Dollar Stores
Liquidation World
Army and Navy
Local Stores
Deal Extreme
Production Process Thoughts
It is faster to make multiples at one time. How many can we make at one time?
Is assembly line production the fastest? Or is it faster to have one person from start to finish?
Can we do the whole process at once? Or is there drying time or other waiting periods?
Where is the best place to do production? Is there somewhere we don't have to setup/cleanup every time we start producing?
Do we need adult supervision to make our product or service?
What tools will we need to make our product?
Kids Go Global Club Content
Is this something that is needed right now?
Is this something you can make or do?
How much does it cost to make?
Fill out first page of Action Plan with your group for next week
What Happened In the World this Week?
Awareness & Fundraising Events
What kind of school-wide event can our class organize to help one of our Issues?
Wear a... Day (wear pink, crazy hat, moustache, pajamas etc)
Exercise/Activity ( dance in the halls, no speaking, walking 5 km etc.
Flash Mob/Lip Dub
Art Activity ( mural, animation, photo collage etc)
Make/sell crafts ( pins, dog treats, bracelets etc)
Donation Drive (clothing, food, pennies etc)
School Event Ideas to Get you Thinking..
Creating your
Social Enterprise
Break into your two Issue Groups and Brainstorm products, services and events you could make/organize/sell
Our vision statement will be the first page of the kidsVEST Action Plan
what do we care about?
what do we want to change?
Step One: What is our vision?

Step Two: What is our product
or service idea?

How can your Products/Services
Become a Businesses?
or Service
The 4P's
Apply the 4P's to your product/service ideas
with your business coach
Look at the 4P's with the lemonade
stand in the video
Choose 2 products/services for your NGO Project Group with the vision statement and 4Ps as criteria.
Play the lemonade game online:

Brainstorm Products/Services/Events
What are some realistic and innovative ideas?
what are you already good at?
do you know how to make something?
explore some web tutorials for crafts/projects
talk to your parents/friends to see if they can teach/help you with a product or service
Business Departments, Product/Service Development
Picking an NGO Project to Support, kidsVEST Overview
What is coming up in the next few weeks?
Research! Look at your NGO's Website and other resources so you are educated about your cause and NGO
Think of some questions you can ask your NGO
Is there something you want to show your NGO? A prototype or poster?
Learn how your fundraising will help the organization- where does the money go?
Prototype and Poster
Show and Tell

what makes your product special?
why should people buy your product?
is there varieties of the prototype?
Feedback is an important part of the
innovation process- listen to your classmates/friends/family/teachers
and find out what will make your prototype and poster even better for the Agents of Change!
Next Week: NGO Visit

January 21-23: Work on Presentations with the Tricksters

January 30-31 : Agents of Change
Prepare for the NGO Visit Next Week with Questions
Full transcript