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Mentor Book - Legend by Marie Lu

Writing Style Presentation

Bryce Mcgowan

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Mentor Book - Legend by Marie Lu

Legen by Marie Lu is a story set in a dystopian future where the United states is divided with the Republic being one part, the rebel patriots against them. A girl named June's mission is to capture the Republic's most wanted criminal; a 15 year old boy who also murdered her brother.
The writing style of the book is interesting to say the least.
It has parts in the book that have character profiles as in the military to describe certain key characters. The text is very formulaic in that sense.
The actual storytelling is geared towards a teenager type audience because it is told from the main character's point of view,a 15 year old girl.
The word choice in the book is at a middle to high school level but does not stray far from that and remains consistent.
Writing Style
I really enjoy dystopian type books so instantly I was drawn into the book. But more than that it is very engaging, always with action happening on every page. The book is all around riveting, and it really makes you visualize all the cities and settings in the book.

Not many. If I had to choose one it would be the pace of the book. Some parts are one day over 30 pages while 2 weeks could be 2 pages

Similar Writings
Marie Lu has not written anything else other than the legend series so I will explore other writings similar.
Bryce McGowan - Dimaio Period 4
Mentor Book - Legend by Marie Lu
First: The Hunger Games Series is similar in the sense that it is also a dystopian type setting with an "evil" type main Republic. The writing in the Hunger Games is more for younger audiences. Although it does get increasingly more involved as the series continues.
Second: Divergent is a dystopian futuristic book with a evil republic controlling the masses. It is more up to par with Legend in word choice and ideas than Hunger Games.
Third: The Giver is also a dystopian future but in this, all people have lost their emotions due to injections. This book has similar target audience as Legend and is also first person point of view.
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