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Evernote & Post-it

No description

Shamsah Hirani

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Evernote & Post-it

College mobile device market
Target Audience
Product Function & Design
Media Marketing Campaign
Evernote & Post-it™
3M frontline sales conference 2014
Target Audience & Partners
Product Mix
4 Objectives
Success Measurement
We visited a target store to observe field product placement...
increasing campus awareness
Measuring success (cont.)
Benton Miller
Juan Lopez
Mary Kennedy-Moore
Miya Sharpe
Nicholas Hall
Sagar Jha
Shamsah Hirani

Measurement of Success
Build a loyal consumer base, starting with students
Gain distribution
Increase purchase intent
Increase product placement
Increase brand awareness
Primary Target Audience
Students (18-24)
26% Slackers, 44% Social Learners, 30% Scholars
Tech Savvy
Pilot Universities
Baylor, DePaul, Morehouse, North Carolina A&T, San Diego State, Houston
Market Partners
School Supply Retailers*
College Bookstores
6 primary for initial market penetration
eBook Publishers
Pearson Higher Education
John Wiley & Sons
1.4 billion people own smartphones, 450 million own tablets
25% of college students own tablets
90% of 2016 graduates own smartphones

Business Insider, 2013
Marketing Charts, 2013
Emarketer, 2012
Chronicle, 2012
College Social Media Industry
Internet users total- 2.5 Billion
98% of people ages 18-24, use some form of social media per month

North Carolina Study
Experian Simmons
Co-promotion with Evernote
Facebook and Twitter advertisements
Brand ambassadors to promote across college social networks

Increase demand of promotional Post It campaigns and Evernote
Back to school and finals promotions
“More for less”
Dollar off coupon
Use book bags and Gift Cards as a supplementary product
Offer “starter kit” with free product, as well as subscription to Evernote
Offer Evernote gift cards. Placed in electronics and check out area.


MAKE your post-it™ last forever.
This is what we found...
Personal Files
-Automatically file post-its by color
-Link paper, mobile, and Computer
Event marketing done correctly can increase purchase intent up to 5 times the previous amount!
Freshman Goodie Bags
DePaul and Baylor University
On Campus Presences
Post-it note dispensers on every table

-Online textbook trend
-can be hard to use
-post-it flags link to
specific Paragraphs
Measuring customer satisfaction through required surveys after one month of Evernote use (includes demographics)
Questions include scoring on a scale from 1 to 5 on various aspects of the product
Expansion to other universities and retail outlets depends on level of success in or around universities

Success-increase in consumer loyalty specifically for the student market (18-24) for Post-It and Evernote Study
Maximum potential for Evernote downloads=95,670, 90% of total population of the six schools which in total=106,300
Post-It Notes estimate roughly $1 billion annually1
An optimal percentage of increase in demand for Post-It Notes and downloads of Evernote would be 2% = $20 million/95,670 = roughly $ 209 per student over four years.

Expense Report
Foster a lasting loyal relationship by maintaining relevance
Help our target market achieve a brighter future by organizing their ideas
Mobilize Post-it Study Collection through Evernote Study


MAKE your post-it™ last forever.

-public newsfeed
-engagement campaigns & contests
-members share notes and Research
-platform for collaboration
public newsfeed
-location for engagement campaigns
-post Quotes, pictures, ideas
-awareness through social media and packaging

Social Media Efforts
Move With the Trend: partnerships with McGraw Hill, Pearson Higher Education, John Wiley & Sons
product bundling
Mutual Benefit
Integrate Eras to Create Lifelong Loyalty

Choosing the right people
3M Study
*(near universities)
NRF Stores, Top 100 Retailers 2013
Bloomberg Businessweek
Library Journal & School Library Journal
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