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Who Am I?

No description

Jessica Larson

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Who Am I?

Who Am I?
Who Am I?
I was born in Atlanta and currently take up residence in both New York and LA
I am first a composer, but also play the trumpet, viola, violin, bass and drums
I have a Bachelors degree in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music
My band was recently featured on Saturday Night Live where we performed our hit
I love all music and play in a jazz band in New York, but you probably will know me best as the drummer for Imagine Dragons
Who Am I?
Who Am I?
I was born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana
I attended the University of Phoenix
I received my Bachelors degree in Psychology
I was signed to my first record label, Cash Money Records at the age of 9
In 2012 I surpassed Elvis Presley with the most hits to appear on the Billboard top 100
In 2008 I won a Grammy award for Best Rap Album with
Tha Carter III
Who Am I?
I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Southern California
I hope to study film
I first started singing and acting in TV commercials at the age of 3
I recorded my debut album in 2010 entitled Sparks Fly
My first big role was along side Jack Black in the movie
School of Rock
You might also know me as
Who Am I?
Who am I?
I was born Ben Haggerty on June 19, 1983
I recently won 4 Grammy awards including Best New Artist and Best Rap Album
In 2009 I received a Bachelors Degree from Evergreen State College in Washington
Before becoming famous I lead music workshops for an at risk youth program which focused on cultural identity
My single
Thrift Shop
reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart without any help from major record labels
My DJ and music partner Ryan Lewis also holds a BA from the University of Washington
I attended Northeastern State University in Oklahoma
I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications
I have won 6 Grammys and 16 Billboard Awards
I am married to Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher
I just appeared as Maria in the ABC network premier of
The Sound of Music
I first became known on the TV show American Idol
My first big hit was
Jesus Take The Wheel
Carrie Underwood
Who Am I?
I was born Christopher Brian Bridges in Champaign Illinois
I attended Georgia State University
I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Music Management
I have won 3 Grammy Awards as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award and an MTV Music Award
I am best known as a rapper, but I was recently able to show off my acting skills in
The Fast and Furious 6
Lil Wayne
Miranda Cosgrove
I was born in Connecticut in June of 1970
I attended Harvard University and graduated with a BA in English
Some of my most famous songs are:
Island in the Sun, Say it Ain't So and Beverly Hills
I have since released 9 studio albums
I moved to LA at the age of 19 to sing and play guitar with a couple of rock bands before forming my band Weezer
Rivers Cuomo
Daniel Platzman
Who Am I?
I was born June 26th, 1979 in Tulsa, OK
I began learning piano at the age of 3 and started singing in public at the age of 7
I attended Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma
I earned a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations and advertising in 2001
I eventually moved to Colorado where I formed my current band which I am the lead singer and front person for
Our most recent song
Counting Stars
has become our most successful hit to date
Ryan Tedder
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