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Odyssey Book 20

No description

Annie Dixon

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Odyssey Book 20

Theoklymenos has a vision that the hall filled with dripping blood and shades of the dead and tells all the suitors

Everyone laughs at him too

Telemachus ignores them because he knows the hall will flow with their blood soon
Penelope cries inside the room
She prays for the gods to kill her if Odysseus does not return
"Again- just this night- someone lay beside me... like Odysseus to the life, when he embarked with his men-at-arms." (Homer 413).

Penelope is very doubtful
At the feast...
Beggar Odysseus asks Philoitios and Eumaios if they would fight for Odysseus against the suitors if he ever returned- they say yes

Telemachus sits across from beggar Odysseus and challenges for anyone to insult him
Antinoos grumbles alittle

Athena wants the suitors to tease Odysseus so he can angry
Ktesippos throws a cow's foot at him
Odyssey Book 20 Chapter Map
At the feast...
Melanthios returns to taunt the beggar some more

Then Philoitios, a cow herder, gives the beggar hospitality and says he looks like Odysseus

"I broke into sweat, my friend, when I first saw you- see, my eyes still brim with tears, remembering him, Odysseus... he must wear such rags, I know it,knocking about, drifting through the world if he's still alive and sees the light of day" (Homer 417).
Odysseus is still disguised as a beggar
Sleeps outside of Penelope's room
At dawn
Odysseus wakes up and asks Zeus for a sign for him to come home

Zeus sends a thunderclap on a clear day

Telemachus sees beggar Odysseus and orders for a feast because it's the feast day of Apollo
Agelaos then reminds all of them that Odysseus is probably not coming back so Penelope needs to marry one of them

Telemachus refuses and the suitors start laughing at him

"At that they all broke into peals of laughter aimed at the seer- Polybus' son Eurymachus braying first and foremost, 'Our guest just in from abroad, the man is raving!" (Homer 422).
"Oh, I can see it now- the disaster closing on you all! There's no escaping it, no way out- not for a single one of you suitors, wild reckless fools, plotting outrage here, the halls of Odysseus, great and strong as a god!" (Homer 422)
"A groaning feast- for they'd been first to plot their vicious crimes" (Homer 423).
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