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The Empire State Building

No description

Holly Modz

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of The Empire State Building

Fun Facts
-It was the tallest building in the world for about 40 years.
Structural Aspect
The Empire State building has 102 floors and is very well structurally built because on July 28th, 1945 at 9:40 am a plane ran into the building between the 79th and 80th floors. Unlike the twin towers the Empire State Building held its ground. To this day the Empire state Building is used by the government as a office building. Even though it is currently an office building it still attracts a lot of tourist yearly.
The Empire State Building
We chose the empire state building because it is an iconic place. We also chose it because it is a great example of a well built, durable structure.
The Empire State Building
Some external forces that engineers need to consider when designing the Empire State Building was focusing on things like air resistance, water resistance, tension, and friction.
The Empire State Building is symmetrical and thus emphasizes the vertical parts of the building which creates an effect of a tower rising from a layer of tapered mass.
This structure is located in mid-Manhattan, New York at 5th avenue, West 34th street.
It was built in 1929 to 1931. It took around two years to build.
The Empire State Building is a type of frame structure. We know because it is a structure which has a skeleton made out of steel, wood or reinforced concrete which is designed to withstand a load of objects.
Some internal forces are gravity,magnetic, electrical, and spring forces.
-The Empire State Building has a larger width at the bottom for stability purposes ( sits on a 5 story base).
- It is also symmetrical so that the building will stand up straight.
-The building is 381 meters so around 1250 feet which gave the Empire State building the title of the tallest building in the world.
-One of the reason why the Empire State Building is so great is because the design is simplistic and has perfect composition and massing.
-The building is finished with a giant spire.
-It is 2.1 million square feet.
-It cost around 24,718,000 dollars to create.
-It was supposed to be a airship dock.
-There was 6,514 windows but now there is only 6,500
-It took around 57,000 tons of steel to construct the skeleton only.
-It has around 73 elevators.
-The lightning rod is struck approximately 23 times a year.
At night in New York!
The symmetrical view
Made by: Holly and Christiana
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