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Introducing BE Intent - an innovative enterprise technology solution

Making it easy to have more inspired, motivated and productive staff

Suzanne Hall

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Introducing BE Intent - an innovative enterprise technology solution

Building on
the research of the worlds best positive psychologists and neuro scientists, the link between staff state of mind and performance is clearly linked. Harvards' Shawn Achor discovered something quite suprising ...
Measurable value at between
$100 - 200 a year per employee. Or an enterprise pricing model.
We deliver engagement, focus, well-being and training!
You get reduced costs and achieve more with less! We keep everyone happy ...
From the Contact Centre to the CEO.
We offer an effective, affordable well-being tool that is easy and fun to use, improves overall health and performance and has measurable outcomes.
We help keep your business on top.
Our self-directed staff- tool helps get more out of every day. It can save 70% on your engagement, wellness and training budget.

Enhanced service levels
Improved productivity
Improved performance
Reduction in staff turnover
Reduction in absenteeism
Reduction in expenditure on work-injury and stress related costs.

It’s affordable, immediate and effective.
Staff take ownership of their emotions and their development.

BE Intent is personalised and relevent to individuals, teams and organisations.
Provides legislative and feel-good factors.
Great reporting so you can show the benefit and ROI.
Easy to deploy and minimal effort to evolve.
Continual support for staff, so well-being and training becomes front-of-mind.
We help staff get more:
Out of their work
Out of their day
Out of their life

Personalised, private and easy to use, our desktop tool supports and motivates staff in all areas of their lives.

A tool that gently encourages and enables staff to take small actions that result in significant positive change.
Through intelligent use of technology and a healthy focus on staff and organisational needs.

Our innovative tool will:

Improve business performance.
Help your leaders make better decisions faster.
Increase company loyalty
Embed your brand, vision and values.
Add fiscal and social value.
We help get real results, quickly.
Support and grow your team
Retain and grow your people
We wondered if we could build a system that solved these issues and was effective and affordable.
Total time 10 mins a day!
and apathy

We translated that science into two powerful tools.
Apathy and tiredness is costing Australian businesses $136 million a DAY!!!!
Latest research shows that staff are unproductive for between 2 - 4 hours a day.
What do you think the cost is for your company?
Interviewing some of the largest organisations globally we discovered some common challenges.

We are unique cloud based tools that measurably increase productivity and reduce staff related costs.

BE Intent is a new generation of enterprise tools that enable organisations to be at the forefront of managing staff.
We studied work by 200 researchers on 275,000 people gathering insights into what impacts on peoples productivity, how the brain works and how we create focus
When staff logon to their computer in the morning, they are prompted to choose their state of mind, then through the portal, attitudinal adjusters are delivered at timed intervals, as well as personalised well-being, training and strategic messaging. Resulting in increased focus, self awareness, energy and time management.
We also turn in-house training, into a new format that delivers the content in a powerful memorable way, in fact 40% more memorable than any other training. All while employees are sitting at their desks.
Using the BE Intent system takes 30 seconds an hour, that’s only 4 minutes a day!

We’ve tested on over 9000 people across 12 industry sectors and figures show:
A 64% reduction in anger, tiredness and stress
A 39% increase in inspiration, energy and focus.

How powerful can that be?
In one team we saw that 85% of a team were angry, we picked that up within 4 days, it turned out they were being bullied by an inexperienced new team leader. Solutions were put in place and within 2 weeks productivity and morale were high again.
BE Intent can be used in a modular way, for in-house training or for specific projects, for example: In accordance with the new laws coming out January 2013 where all businesses large and small need to demonstrate a "duty of care" and are legally bound to prove they are mitigating the impact of stress, and bullying. We are an affordable, easy solution.

Our system provides a daily pulse check, delivers the agreed solutions and most importantly provides a record for the business owner that they have complied with their duty of care, should they have any future legal issues.
To start, you can have within 2 weeks, across your organisation,
A staff Energy Crisis Audit
A professional and personal development audit,
Specific insights into how to target your budget, reduce costs and support staff
Indepth reports that give you benchmarks and ongoing engagement, development and ROI.
A 12 month, easy to implement, customised development, wellness and engagement plan.
Best practice content delivered in a measurable, relevant way for each person, team and branch.
Staff get more out of their day, their life and their work.
We make it easy for you to increase energy, productivity and profit!

Let's talk!
email suzanne@beintent.com
to book a time.

We are getting a great response from organisations because they can translate those results into measurable increases in productivity, on average 9%.

That's like having another 9 staff for every 100 employees.
Our Leadership Dashboard is the only tool like it in the world, it informs leadership so they can make better decisions, faster.
How cool is that?
Click on image to start quick demo.
As leaders, even when you have a clear long-term vision. a defined mid-term plan and short -term goals underpinned by capability and infrastructure, how do you have an accurate “at a glance view” of the frontline? How do you feel the pulse of your organisation real time? How do you stay responsive and nimble? How do you measure the real-time impact of your strategy so you can navigate more efficiently? How do you create an environment that empowers staff, so they can be more inspired and productive?
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