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Reagan Years in the US

No description

Julie Cooper

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Reagan Years in the US

Reagan and Bush 1981- 1993
How did government policy change under President Reagan?
Conservative Goal of Reagan
Reagan vs Carter 1980 Election
Reagan's Economic Policy
Conservative Supreme Court
President Herbert Walker Bush
- Conservative movement gained strength in 1970's
- Conservatives prefer small government
- This means less government involvement in business and individual's lives.
- US Concerns
- State of the economy
- fears that the US had become weak internationally.

- Ronald Reagan was a former actor turned politician.
- He was governor of California from 1967 to 1975.
Reagan ran under the campaign of calling for a "return to traditional values"

Release of hostages - The hostages of Iran were freed on January 20, 1981, minutes after Reagan was inaugurated. They were freed minutes after Reagan's Inauguration.

Deregulation -
Cut taxes
Less overall government Spending
Increased military spending
Results - National debt grew
1970 - 1980 - $381 Billion to $909 billion
1980- 1990 - Grew to $3.2 trillion
Trickle Down Theory
Government Spends Less-
Lowers Taxes
People and Business have more $$ to spend
Business Invest More
There are More Jobs
Overall Effect - Business expands, unemployment down and growing confidence in Stock Market
Favored judges who strictly interpreted the constitution

Appointed 3 conservative Justices during 2 terms

Appointed first ever woman justice, Sandra Day O' Connor

Anti-Communist Stand
Mikhail Gorbachev
Leader Soviet Union 1985- 1991
- Proceeded Konstantin Chernenko after his death in 1985
Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
Supports Anti Communist Side of Several Conflicts
El Salvador - US backed government against communist rebels

Nicaraqua - US backed the "Contras" - anti-communist rebels against their government - Led to the Iran Contra Affair)
In 1987, Reagan and Gorbachev signed the INF agreeing to destroy all medium range nuclear missiles.
Iran Contra Affair
- A deal made by the National Security Council of the US with terrorist leaders. Was not approved by Congress. Turned into a major court case in which several NSC advisors and military officials were charged with breaking US policy and withholding information from President Reagan.

Began 1985 when US supplied weapons to Iran to try to secure release of hostages in Lebanon.
Hostages were held by Hezbollah terrorists who were loyal to the Ayatollah Khomeini, Iran's leader.
The US took millions of dollars from the weapons sale and routed the money as well as guns to the right wing "contra" guerrillas in Nicaragua. The Contras were armed opponents of Nicaragua's current government
A major investigation occurred to see what had happened and if President Reagan was behind the deal that went directly against US policy of trading weapons for hostages.
It was found that NSA Director Poindexter had personally authorized the diversion of money to the Contra rebels and withheld the info from Reagan. Lieutenent Oliver north was also at the heart of the investigation and was convicted on several accounts.
Reagan was not held responsible for any wrong doings but several NSC members were convicted, one doing jail time.
Bush later pardoned everyone involved in 1992.
End of The Cold War
Boris Yeltsin – Fought Hard lined communist in 1989 who were trying to overthrown the SU government and Gorbachev. Yeltsin, a reform leader who wanted to rid the SU of communism fought them and won. He became the first elected president of Russian Federation 1991
One by one Republics that had made up the Soviet Union Claimed their Independence.

Commonwealth of Independent States - in 1991, Yeltsin and leaders of the former Republics of SU joined the Ccmmonweatth of Independent States. dissolving the Soviet Union.

Persian Gulf War
- August 1990 - Iraq invades neighboring Kuwait . Kuwait was a major supplier of oil.

- The US and UN organized 39 countries to free Kuwait from Iraq's invasion resulting in the Persian Gulf War.

- By the beginning of 1991, UN ground troops drove Iraqi troops from Kuwait.

Economy Grows
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