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Special Education at GMHS

Information for Rising 8th grade parents and students

Jamie Lahy

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Special Education at GMHS

Special Education at George Mason High School To convey information regarding the transition from
Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School
to George Mason High School Tonight's Goal: The Falls Church City Public Schools, in partnership with our families and community, educates and challenges every student to succeed and become a responsible and contributing member of the global community. Overall: Supports Available to
All 8th Graders:
Math Lab
Library open every day after school
Guidance Counselors
Peer Tutoring
Support from teachers during the "Mustang Block"
Reading Skills Class
Support from Mustang Ambassadors Supports Available to
All 8th Grade Students with Special Education Services:
Related Services: Speech, Ocupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Counseling Services
Use of Special Education Resource Room
ILMS (Basic Skills) class
EFE Class-Education for Employment (11th and 12th graders)
A continuum of supports from small group (self contained classes to supports in the general education classroom) What is ILMS?
1. A class that provides time during the day for academic support.
2. The curriculum for this class guides instruction on age appropriate transition goals, organization and time management, study strategies, test taking strategies, reading and writing strategies, and self-advocacy.
3. Provides time during the school day for finishing, making up tests/quizzes/ and other assignments.
4. Allows special education teacher to communicate with other staff and the student to facilitate assignment completion
5. Provides time for related services, testing, etc. What to do next: What is a case manager? Transition IEP Meetings at the high school

8th grade orientation Questions Transition Any student who is 14 years or older during the course of the IEP must have a transition plan within their IEP.
A transition plan includes:
1. Measureable post high school goals in education, occupation/vocation and daily living skills that reflect student’s interests and strengths.
2. Annual goals that directly relate and facilitate the student in reaching their post high school goals.
A transition plan is fluid and will change as a student nears graduation and interests evolve. The case manager is the individual who has primary responsibility for ensuring that the special education process for the student is accomplished. As such, the case manager is responsible for:

§ developing, reviewing, and revising the Individualized Education Program (IEP); utilizing SEAS software program

§ monitor the implementation of the IEP as written

§ reviewing the entire student record for all current and previous evaluation information, special education and related services, correspondence and disciplinary actions

§ informing the general education staff and all related services staff at the beginning of the school year and as IEPs are written of their responsibilities in implementing the IEP, including any accommodations, positive behavioral strategies or behavior intervention plan, related services, and assistive technology needs of the student

§ coordinating the implementation of all services for the student, including those from related service providers

§ writing the report of educational progress and incorporating input from general educators and related service staff

§ managing the ongoing review of the student’s need for educational services, including the yearly IEP and the triennial process About the High School House System
Schedule ThThe Schedule The Schedule:

Block 1/2 8:00 AM (95 min)

Pass 5 min.

Mustang Period/Nutrition Break 31 min.

Pass 5 min.

Block 3 (Daily) 50 min

Pass 7 min.

Block 4/5 & Lunch 125 min.

Pass 7 min.

Block 6/7 95 min Supports for Parents:
1. Special Education Advisory Committee
Contact Shannon Royce (shannonroyce@yahoo.com)
2. GMHS Special Education Department Chair
Jennifer York
(yorkj@fccps.org) Life Skills Program
Teacher: Stephanie Ciskowski Education
for Employment OUR The House System
Each House contains:
Assistant Principal
Guidance Counselor(s)
Special Education Teacher(s)
School Psychologist
Student Services Coordinator Speech and
Language Services
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