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Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers

No description

Emily Zadny

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers

By: Emily Zadny Chemical Equation Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers A WHAT!? A carbon dioxide scrubber is a device which absorbs carbon dioxide. It also removes harmful gases and chemicals that enter the air. Once carbon dioxide is captured from flue gases, it can be stored or “sequestered” in terrestrial ecosystems and geologic formations such as depleted oil and gas wells, unmineable coal seams and deep saline formations (U.S department of Energy, n.d.). CO2 scrubbers improve air quality and make our air cleaner and easier to breathe. 2 LiOH(s) + CO2(g) --> Li2CO3(s) + H2O(g) The equation is not balanced. This is necessary and vital since according to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed, thus, atoms can't be added or taken away. The balanced form of the equation is:
2 Li2OH+ 2CO2-->Li2CO3+ H2O What happens to the CO2 after it's extracted from the Air? Well, this can be used to help greenhouses. The CO2 helps the plants grow and the pure Co2 will increase the plant's growth. Helping the environment is...well...helping the environment! :) Lithium Hydroxide and Carbon dioxide in the air combine and forms lithium carbonate. Strong basic chemicals such as Lithium Hydroxide can easily take the Carbon dioxide out of the air. Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers impact me by making the air we breathe cleaner and CO2 free, and also recycling the CO2 for good casuses, such as increasing plant life. Also, it helps remove the harmful gases in the air that can contribute to global warming. Ick, global warming!
RECYCLING IS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! JUST LOOK AT CO2 SCRUBBERS! Carbon dioxide makes up over half of the Greenhouse gas emmissions that we try to remove to prevent Global Warming. However... It goes something like this: So...how does this impact me? HUH?! So flue gases, which the CO2 is extracted from are the harmful gases in the atmosphere. Sequestered means keep separate and when its kept in saline formations, it just means the CO2 we just took out is being saved for something else. Okay..so now Reactants: LiOH and CO2 Products:
Li2, CO3, and H2O CO2 SCRUBBER! :) (Keith, David Keith Home Page, 2008) So how does this relate to Science and what we're studying? Wait...how does this thing even work? so what's the big deal? it's just CO2! Bibliography: Definition:
(n) A carbon dioxide scrubber is a device which absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2). It is used to treat exhaust gases from industrial plants or from exhaled air in life support systems such as rebreathers or in spacecraft, submersible craft or airtight chambers. Carbon dioxide scrubbers are also used in controlled atmosphere (CA) storage. (Wikipedia, n.d) ????? So you see... (Feutz, n.d.)
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