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FSE Travel and Tourism created by Sarah and Brynn

Sarah Kirst

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of California

California is located in southwestern United States.
California's climate varies greatly depending on distance from ocean and height of elevation.

The population is 38.8 million people

3.9 million people living in Los Angeles
1.3 million people living in San Diego
1.1 million people living in San Jose
The coastal and southern regions have a Mediterranean climate, with mild rainy winters and dry summers
Locations around the sea are generally moderate with warm winters and cool summers.

Northern California has an oceanic climate and usually experiences the most amount of precipitation.
Eastern California has a
semi-arid climate with colder winters and hotter summers.
The valleys have a distinct dry season in the summer and many foggy rainy days.
Traveling to California
A variety of ethnic diversities have influenced California's culture. Major cultures include:
Eastern American influences
Best Time to Travel
The best time to visit depends on personal preferences.
Most travelers come during the peak summer months (July and August) but may experience high rates.
For traveling in higher elevations, it is recommended to wait till the end of summer to access the higher trails in the mountains.
Springtime (March-May) is the most beautiful time to visit with moderate temperatures.
For visiting wineries it is recommended to go during September and October.
For ski lovers it is recommended to travel during November through March.
The population is made up of:
39% Latino
38.8% White
13% Asian
5.8% Black
<1% Native American
1 Week Trip
Two adults departing on June 4 from Detroit Metro Airport DTW and returning June 10.
Arriving through Los Angeles World Airport LAX
Loews Santa Monica Beach

The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay
Arriving through San Jose International Airport
Rosewood Sand Hill
Arriving through San Francisco International Airport
Major Industries
The major industries in California include:

movie making/entertainment
and tourism
There are many annual events in California, every month is a different celebration focusing on a variety of cultures.
During March, Fashion Week El Paseo is hosted in California, displaying the latest in designer looks. This event is open to all men and women interested in new fashion trends.
During April, California hosts the country's largest music event that lasts for two weeks with genres like alternative rock, hip-hop, electronic music and much more. About 150,000 people visit annually to witness this. This event is called Coachella Valley Arts and Music festival.
The Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival is held during April which is timed with the blooming of the cherry blossom trees and showcases the Japanese cultures and is centered about the Japantown distinct. This event includes a parade, tutorials on flower arranging and much more.
Activities and Entertainment
There are unlimited activities and entertainment available including:

Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tour
San Francisco City Tour
Shopping in LA
San Francisco Food Tours
Day Tours and much more
Popular Tourist Attractions
Universal Studio Hollywood
The Golden Gate Bridge
Disney California Adventure
Or a 34 hour drive

There are two methods of transportation which include:

Departing from Detroit to
Los Angeles is about a
4 hour and 45 minute flight for $533.00 per person
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Sign
Redwood National and State Parks
Types of Tourism
Nature Tourism
Traveling to enjoy a natural setting or wildlife. Examples include: Torrey Pines State National Reserve, Joshua Tree National Park, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park etc...
Recreational Tourism
Tourism to escape the daily routine. Examples include: The Getty Center, tour the vineyards, Malibu Beach, Long Beach, etc
Adventure Tourism
Tourism which involve a challenge or adventure. Examples would include surfing, hiking Yosemite Valley & Tuolumne Meadows, hang gliding etc...
Potential Travel Barriers
Depending on the person, travel barriers that could affect someone traveling to California are:
Family Stage
Lack of Interest
Natural Disaster-Ex Wildfire Season
Tourist Tips
Wear appropriate clothing for the different climates of California
Pack sunscreen
California is in the Pacific Time Zone (3 hours behind)
Rental cars are available around the state
Legal drinking age is 21

Thanks for Listening
32% Protestant
28% Roman Catholic
27% No religion
2% Jewish
2% Hindu
2% Buddhist
1% Islam
1% Mormons
5% Other
How California Was Formed
California has the most diverse landforms in all the United States. The land was formed after the separation of the great continent,Pangaea, broke apart. Erosion occurred but some of its landforms remain, with little alterations. Plate tectonics has also influenced the land to have height variation and the creation of the famous Sans Andreas Fault Line. As well as, humans have caused more variations onto land.
Hidden Gems Of California
All around this diverse state, there are many hidden secrets that most tourists and locals are unaware of and here are some of hidden gems of California.

This area rated one of the top 18 hidden places in the United States to visit. It is located 3 hours from San Francisco, off the beaten path and contains beautiful shore lines, coastal waves, botanical gardens, and local food and wine.
Fort Bragg

If you are an animal lover than this area is a place for you. It is hidden away in Humboldt County in a community called Arcata, filled with little cafes, boutiques and Victorian buildings. The forest and the wildlife are protected, as well as, the giant redwoods and marshes.
Point Reyes Station
This area is located 1 hour north of San Francisco. This nature reserve has stunning and rugged coastlines, cliffs and waterfalls. Visitors can also hike the terrain and bird and whale watch. The best views can be witnessed in the light house built in 1870.
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