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Greek Theater

No description

gs students

on 27 April 2017

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Transcript of Greek Theater

Greek Theater
What is Greek Theater?
The ancient Greeks loved theater. The crowds that came to watch the shows that took place in the theater consisted of about 15,000 people per performance! When the theater was first built, there were no plays, but music and dance performances. Both songs and dances told stories of the gods.
Where were the theaters built??
The Greek architects built the theaters on hillsides. That let them position long benches in rows, one above the other, so that everyone could see what was going on on the stage.
What did the theaters look like?
The first theaters were made out of stone, so the sound could echo easily. There were two machines. One machine lifted the actors up in the air. The other machine made a thunder sound, as Zeus was often a character in many plays, making a thunder sound was something Zeus did according to the ancient Greeks. The actors also often wore masks.
The performers
All of the performers in Greek plays were men. Sometimes, when a woman was needed in a play, men dressed as women. Happy characters wore bright costumes and unhappy characters often wore dark costumes. Because the theaters were so huge, the actors had to wear very visible costumers. They also wore padding and and thick-soled shoes to also be visible. In comedies, even the chorus wore costumes that consisted of birds or different animals. Also, the actors often played numerous roles.
Sophocles was a very famous person who wrote plays. A person who writes plays is called a playwright. Sophocles wrote 120 plays!
In conclusion, Greeks were very very passionate about theater. And did it for a very long period of time hope you liked learning about Greek theater!!!
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