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Soviet Union Propaganda in World War II

No description

Cassidy Agnew

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Soviet Union Propaganda in World War II

Soviet Union Propaganda Posters Blah. Blah. Blah. " − Comrades soldiers, sailors, commanders, politicians and female-partisans. The entire world should witness the power that was able to destroy the plundering hordes of German invaders. All people of Europe that are temporarily enslaved by the German tyranny, look at Soviet Union as your emancipators. The great liberation mission is coming your way, so be worthy of this mission! The war you wage is a liberation war, ... a fair war. Let our great ancestors inspire you. Alexander Nevskiy, Dimitriy Donskoy, Kuzma Minin, Drimitriy Pozharskiy, Alexander Suvorov and Mikhail Kutuzov. Let the unconquerable banner of Lenin bless you!
Let be a destruction to the German invaders!
Death to German occupiers! Long Live our Glorious Fatherland!
For Freedom, for Independence! Under Lenin's Banner: Forward to Victory!" Joseph Stalin Speech Our cause is just, enemy will be crushed In the sky, on the ground and in the sea Propaganda in Schools and Youth. Children and youth were main targets in the Communist propaganda. They thought they were easier to munipulate especially when they were tought by their teachers. Even Little Red Riding Hood was influenced because of her "red" overcoat. Was this Propaganda Successfull? I would say that the propaganda was sucessful. It did what any other propaganda should do. The Soviet Union was creative with their propaganda through posters, newspapers, radio, etc. Fight German animals! We can and must destroy Hitler's army. Joseph Stalin (1924-1953) Joseph Stalin propaganda played a big role in the Soviet Union during World War II. He focused on control of all the media he could get a hold of. His favorites were his speeches and on the radio. Stalinism or influence of Joseph Stalin was a great deal to the Russian people. Newspapers Newspapers were very efficient for the Soviet Union Propaganda. The Communists released the Pravda the first published newspaper of propaganda. Soon after the journal "USSR in Construction" was issued stating how the USSR was going under "construction." Soviet Union Propaganda was based on the Communists point of view of the Soviet Union. This propaganda was shown in speeches, posters and even newspapers. Most of the propaganda did main towards Germany in which is in a lot of the examples.
The Soviet Union had many strong leaders but a famous one is Joseph Stalin who actually did give an impact with his propaganda. Radio The radio was also strong in the use of propaganda. Most of it was used in the speeches of dictators othe Soviet Union. Through radio the propaganda was really towards Germany. Cassidy Agnew 8th hour Conclusion In conclusion, the Soviet Union propaganda did have a lot of effect on the Soviet Union and World War II. Without it, the Soviet Union and other countries that used propaganda, they probably wouldnt have had much support throughout the war.
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