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rebecca ririe

on 21 October 2011

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Transcript of apostrophies

APOSTROPHES Plural Possessive Contraction Quiz Correct/Incorrect:
Its going to be a long day.
Ms. Swatzel's a pretty awesome teacher.
Im going to graduate high school in '14.

- add an apostrophe & "s" to show possessive
- to show possession with words ending in "s" or "es" add appostrophe and no "s"
- apostrophe "s" or just an apostrophe involving times
and amounts
- do not use with possessive forms with personal
pronouns Use an apostrphe to show that there are numbers or letters missing. Use apostrophe and "s" to show the plural form of:
Sarah Herzog & Rebecca Ririe There are so many number 5's!
What do &'s mean? They're so cool.
I'll go show Jordan.
In '96 I was born. Justine's presentation was the best in the whole class.
is that Brandy's cat? I'll go show them.
Where'd you go?
Isn't that his?
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