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Twilight Hero's Journey

By:Yamileth, Lilly, Christina & Genesis

Genesis Marquina

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Twilight Hero's Journey

The Hero

: throughout the movie Edward saves Bella from various obstacles and is a hero to her.

He is the person that Edward and most of the characters go to for help or advice since he is one of the wisest characters in the movie.
Threshold guardian

Since Edward is the hero in twilight because at the beginning of the movie Bella is almost hit by a car which is the first obstacle and Edward is there to help and protect her from that obstacle.

even though he is considered one of the villains, he is still the person that warns the Cullen family of the plans that James and Victoria have for them.


is the only character that actually shapeshifts in the movie. He changes from his human form to a werewolf.
James, Victoria, Laurent:
They are the shadows because they are the villains; they want to kill Bella and drink her blood.
James is the trickster because he tricks Bella into thinking that he has her mom and makes her leave the Cullen family without them knowing and leads her and an old ballet studio to kill her.
The goddess/sage
Bella is the goddess because she is one of the main characters and she is one of the characters that both Edward and Jacob want to be with.
The sidekick

Alice is the sidekick because she is always there to help everyone besides Edward. She sticks by Bella's side when she is in danger and makes sure everyone is safe, she's also able to get visions of the bad/good things that are going to happen. She's able to help Edward save Bella .
When Bella decides to live at Fork, WA to spend more time with her dad.
she goes to the new school, she met Edward and is interested to find out more of Edward.
Call To Adventure
Bella wants to be friends with Edward, but Edward doesn't want to be friends with Bella because he assumes that it will risk both his and Bella's life in danger.
Refusal To The Call
A near tragic accident nearly killed Bella on the school parking lot and Edward saved her life by the force on his bare hands. This gave Bella to wonder how it's possible to save her life by a force from his hand.
Supernatural Aid
Crossing The Threshold
When Bella is seated next to Edward Cullen in class on her first day of school, Edward seems utterly repulsed by her.
Belly of the whale
The belly of the whale is in the scene when Edward starts talking to Bella. The hangout with Edward gives a suspicious act that he’s just the normal person.
Edward refuses to go back to Forks to stop James
The Refusal of The Return
Crossing the Return Threshold
Edward must fight with James in order to save Bella from dying and losing her forever

When Edward is able to save Bella from dying from the poison in her body
Master of Two Worlds
Freedom to Live
Edward goes to prom with Bella

The Road of Trials
saving Bella's live multiple times & the internal conflict of risking his life to be with Bella this is because of she finds out he's risking it only his life but his family's life's as well when he lets Bella in on his world.

Meeting with the Goddess
Bella because she's the one that Edward fascinates towrards to and she's the one that Edward can't leave alone because since she is so prone to danger he feels the need to stay with her and protect her

when he challenges James when James tries to kill Bella and tricked her into escaping Alice and Jaspers grasp to go save her mother that she believes James has captured but ends up being a trap to get her alone and kill her
The Ultimate Boon
Woman as a Temptress
Bella is a master manipulator. She leads Jacob on like a little puppy(no pun intended lol) when she knows shes going to choose Edward in the end. And she dangles her So-called "friendship" with Jacob in front of Edwards face.

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