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Intro to Programming

Presentation developed for Girl Develop It introduction to programming class. These slides assume no prior knowledge with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) or Java.

Corey Latislaw

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Intro to Programming

for Set of related objects. Object Oriented Object Variables Foot Eye Beak Penguin Methods? Properties? Eye Foot Beak leftEye
beak Penguin waddle()
eat(fish) has a Animal has a is a Defining a complex system in terms of objects. System Item or concept with
methods and properties. Code Compiler Program
(Executable) Waddle
Swim Inheritance Children inherit parent
state and functions. age
weight Example:
Penguin is an Animal.
Animals have a height and weight, so a Penguin does too. Penguins can waddle, but not every Animal can. Eat(fish) Age Weight Hungry? Control Flow Example: If the penguin is hungry, it will eat fish. Otherwise, it will swim. if Test a condition Example: While the penguin is hungry, it will eat fish (and stop when it is full). while Loop Example: The penguin eats 3 tires. Conditional loop = inheritance composition Method Related statements Corey Latislaw Pint of strawberries
Sugar Ingredients Instructions Clean & chop strawberries Cover with sugar Put in fridge Intro Who are you?
What do you want to learn? Rules This is a safe space.
There are no stupid questions.
Learning is the objective.
Everyone finishes together. XfinityTV
Philly ETE
HowAboutWe Goals Learn difference between web and computer programming.
Create a short story.
Have fun! CoreyLatislaw.com Make a movie! Android Alliance @androidphilly Corey Corey Leigh Latislaw @corey_latislaw coreylatislaw.com/intro-to-programming Programming Intro to Compiler Algorithm Step by step process Input Output Process Languages Why so many? Syntax What's a process you complete daily? Programming is the process of designing, writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code of computer programs.
You create a set of instructions that computers use to perform specific operations or to exhibit desired behaviors.
This source code is written in one or more programming languages (such as Java, C++, C#, Python, etc.) What is programming? User Input Why programming? Terminology Compiled - Runs on only one type of machine (fast)
Interpreted - Runs on any machine (slow)
Hybrids (e.x. Java byte code) Compiled vs.
Interpreted Program that turns code into machine readable code. Language Input Output Alice alice.org 3-D Objects
Drag & drop
Replaces learning frustration with fun & story telling
Developed by Carnegie-Mellon http://alice.calvin.edu/images/AliceLeft.png Scene View Code Editor Panel Methods
Panel Control Tiles has a http://www.digibarn.com/collections/posters/tongues/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_programming You are the creator, only limited by your imagination.
Solving something no one else has before.
Have a problem? Write a solution! Activity: Opening Scene Enter scene setup
Add yourself to the view (Biped -> Person)
Add penguin (Flyer -> Penguin)
Add a Prop of your choosing Use a procedure to say your name.
Use a procedure to say your age.
Call this method from myFirstMethod. Procedures perform an action
Functions ask a question
Properties fetch/modify a characteristic traits http://help.alice.org/w/page/57585609/Built-in%20Methods Methods Activity: Introduce Yourself Comments Condition must terminate Pair programming is encouraged. Class Activity Talk with the penguin.
Make the penguin and person look at each other while talking.
Ask the user for a number.
Change the penguin's size with the number given.
Check the size given to make sure it's positive and less than 10. Activity: Add a variable to myFirstMethod called guessedAge. We use this later to capture user input. Activity: Display the list of your list of favorite activities in introduceMyself. Activity: Ask the viewer how old they think you are. We use the value on the next slide. http://help.alice.org/w/page/57584730/A%20Brief%20Tour%20of%20the%20IDE Properties Activity: Add a property to AdultPerson for your age. We will use this for comparison later. Activity: Create a list of favorite activities as a property on AdultPerson. We will display this later. Array Alice's Built ins Activity: Create a procedure on AdultPerson to introduce yourself (called introduceMyself). Procedure An array's best friend! Iterating Arrays Responding to User Input Activity: Using guessed number, determine if you should respond angrily to their guess (if they were higher than your age) or thank them (if they entered your age or younger). Create a new project and add several objects to the scene. Experiment with camera angles, moving objects around, obtaining user input, looping, arrays, and making decisions. Computer programming
Desktop applications, middleware, mobile
Many languages (Java, C++, C#) Web Programming vs. Computer Programming HTML/CSS/Javascript
Run in the browser
Mark up/scripting languages
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