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Great Teaching Around the World

No description

Aerial Mosley

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Great Teaching Around the World

by Aerial Mosley Great Teaching Around the World:
What Really Works What is Great Teaching? What Makes a Great School? Finnish Schools Massachusetts School District Singapore Schools How Can We Make a Difference? How will I make a difference? Top Schools in the World

Finland Schools
Singapore Schools
Massachusetts School Districts
(Edward Brooke Charter School 1. High Expectations for teachers and students 2. Technology and Life Application Edward Brooke Charter School Be open-minded to others
Learn from the best
Don't drop out of the cohort! Continue learning
Figure out what works best for the individual child
Build critical thinkers
Work closely with the regular classroom teacher and parents to make a difference. 3. Quality Teachers and Collaboration What are they doing differently? Rigorous Teacher Education Programs
Creativity in Teaching and developing curriculum design
Same teacher for first years
More teachers in one class
Shorter school days
Effective Collaboration What are they doing differently? Technology centered
Career/Societal goals emphasized
Highly trained teachers
"Teach Less, Think More" initiative
Freedom in teaching curriculum
Merit Pay initiatives
Less emphasis on standardized tests What are they doing differently? Highly qualified teachers
High expectations
Effective feedback
Collaboration What do all of these schools have in common?
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