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Book Report

No description

Sonali Shivaji

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Book Report

A story by Susin Nielsen

Main Characters
Main Events
The underlying message of the book is that 'for every closed door, there is an open window.' Basically, there is a solution to every problem.

A Boy with a peanut allergy, who has a passion for scrabble. He is a very bright but awkward twelve year old. He has to face the problem of finding friends, family, bullying and even was at the verge of death. He finally makes a friend named
Book Report: Word Nerd
1) Ambrose Bukowski
Cosmo is an ex-druggie, who just got out of jail after spending six months for breaking into someone's home. Cosmo and Ambrose became friends after they found out they had the love for scrabble in common. They went to scrabble club together each week where Cosmo finds a girl named Amanda. But their friendship had to be kept a secret because of
Irene is Ambrose's over-protective mom. She lost her husband while she was pregnant with her son and is now a single-parent. She had moved from several cities and was now at Vancouver living in the basement of a very friendly
Greek Family
A senior Greek couple with two children. One being Cosmo.
Irene and Ambrose moved often. Places Ambrose moved from were Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Victoria Island. But the story takes place in Vancouver, B.C. Most of the settings are in his home with mom or home alone, at a scrabble club with Cosmo and Amanda, at school and a little bit at Granville Island. The time period is definitely in the 2000's.
1) The Three stooges
After Ambrose moved to his new school, he pretended to be friends with three of his class-mates, but the reality was they bullied him. But
Ambrose didn't want to tell his mom that he was a friend-less nerd, so he kept on playing along. Until one day, these three kids decided to take Ambrose's lunch and put a piece of peanut in it. Ambrose not realizing what they had done to his sandwich, took a bite. Almost immediately his body went into shock and had to go to the hospital.
2) Home schooled
As Irene is over protective, this led to her deciding to home school her son. He only had to go to school once a week to use the computer to talk to his online teacher. As a result, Ambrose was home alone a lot! That's when their landlord's son came home from jail.
3) One-way friendship
Ambrose found himself trying to get to know Cosmo more and more. But Cosmo didn't really seem to be interested in him. Until they figured out they both shared the love for scrabble. They became better friends as they secretly went to a local scrabble club once a week together.
4) Big Brother
The first time they went to scrabble club against Cosmo's will, but there he met a beautiful lady named Amanda. She was the club director. This motivated Cosmo to go back every week. Cosmo lied to Amanda about his past and told her that he was Ambrose's Big Brother They both played along to it.
*Big Brother- An agency that hires male-adults and matches them up with fatherless boys who wants to spent time with them. So they have a male role-model
More Main Events
5) Visitor
*One day while being home-alone. Ambrose had one of Cosmo's old friend at his door. He technically threatened him. Ambrose found out that Cosmo owes this guy money, and if it wasn't paid back, bad things were going to happen.
*Another day Cosmo had this same "friend" leave him a note at his house saying "UOME"
*A little bit into the story, there was a brick thrown through Cosmo's front window. All of them were little reminders by his old friend about the money he owed.
6) Still a secret
Cosmo, Amanda and Ambrose, bonded and became closer and closer every week. Amanda still didn't know that Ambrose came every week without his mom knowing. Until one week while they were all having dinner. Ambrose's mom called and told him she was coming home early. They had to leave right away and Amanda was really confused and Cosmo ended up confessing everything. Amanda got really enraged, and told them they could never talk to her again. But after a lot of persuading, they talked their way through it. Ambrose had to sign a consent form. When he asked his mom, she wouldn't let him so he signed it himself and kept on lying to Amanda and his mom.
7) Scrabble tournament
Finally there was the scrabble tournament and Ambrose left with Amanda and Cosmo. When they came home, Cosmo's old friend was waiting for him, with two other guys and a big fight broke out. While two people held on to Amanda and Ambrose the third guy started beating up Cosmo. The police came and took Cosmo and the three guys. That's when Ambrose's mom arrived and she was freaking out. They all had to go to the police station to give their statement. When Ambrose was giving his statement, his mom found out all the truth and finally found out everything that happened from day one.
8) Moving again?
Ambrose confessed everything he had done for the past few months and his mom decided it was no longer safe here. She told the landlord they were going to move. But Ambrose didn't want to move again because he was finally fitting in and then this happens? So he runs away to Granville. There he tries to make money by betting people that he could beat them at scrabble. But it was illegal to gamble without a license and after a police caught him doing it twice, they asked for his parents' number. Ambrose gave Cosmo's number. Cosmo came to pick him up right away. They all went home and had a big conversation with an open mind and Irene reconsidered her decisions. She realized Cosmo was clean and not a criminal minded person anymore. She liked him now. They all got along and hopefully lived happily ever after
The Message
This book explores many things in life like loneliness, perseverance and friendship.
More About Author
Susin Nielsen

CAREER STARTER: Susin first started of writing 16 episodes of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High (and four books in the Degrassi series).

AWARDS WON: Gemini for the pilot episode of Shirley Holmes and two Canadian Screenwriter awards, one for an episode of Madison and one for the pilot of Robson Arms.

OTHER BOOKS: Hank and Fergus (winner of the Mr. Christie's Silver Medal Award), Mormor Moves In, and The Magic Beads.
PERSONAL LIFE: Susin lives in Vancouver with her husband Goran, son Oskar, and cat Sam.
Sound tracks
This song represents how strong Ambrose stays after each bullying incident, he stayed optimistic. He seems "bullet proof" because never in the story he mentions anything related to giving up, he was ready to go through whatever he had to. As the story goes on, he learns to stand up for himself and he was ready to get hit but he knew, he wouldn't fall.
A Mother's Song - by T Carter Music
I picked this song to represent Ambrose's mom who was there for every little thing Ambrose had to go through, watching over everything he did and helping him do everything, from waking up till going to bed. You could clearly tell, she watched her son grow up through the story and this song would perfectly define their relation ship since he was the only person she cared about.
Tim McGraw- My Best Friend
I picked this song to represent the friendship between Cosmo, Ambrose and Amanda. I think it is pretty safe to say, Ambrose never really had a real friend before Cosmo. After they started being friends, I think Ambrose started feeling a sense of purpose in life. Cosmo is the only person he trusts, belive in, he was the only person who was their for him for everthing. Ambrose would be able to relate to this song.
Project by,
Sonali Shivaji

Scrabble Club
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