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Why McDonalds is Bad for You

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Amanda Custodio

on 25 November 2010

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Transcript of Why McDonalds is Bad for You

Click anywhere & add an idea very fattening do you want your child to end up like this?
McDonalds has been too successful, travelling its way around the world. Including Africa. We cannot let them get away with making people living unhealthy lifestyles. we should put a stop to mcdonalds.
Ronald McDonald is a beast and don't think that this is an excuse to go to burger king, their just as bad as McDonald's this is how mcdonalds should advertise their food, basically telling us the truth:
It's things like this that make our population 60% overweight, which is pretty sad, because that's more than half our population. Not only that, but the United States beats us by 4%, having their population at about 64% overweight. It's fast foods like McDonalds that causes this to happen to our health. That doesn't even count the percentage of obesity. But we can make a change, and stop eating fast food too often, maybe even, in general. We not only need to stop eating junk food like this, but we have to stop sitting on our asses, and start to excercise, giving our body the workout it needs. EXERCISE! Whether its.... Jogging! OR... Or...... Dancing! Anything. Just do it!
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