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English wide reading assessment

Analysis of Books : Ahn Do; the happiest refugee and Lance Armstrong ; its not about the bike

Aaron Campbell

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of English wide reading assessment

Aaron Campbell English Reading Assignment Plot Characters Theme Structure Theme Characters Plot Structure The structure is a very important key in the Autobiography of Anh Do's life. The book posses many flashback moments especially when Anh and his family struggled to make ends meet and when his father left and Anh was suddenly the man of the house. Anh regularly pauses his regular life to think back to those moments to give himself advice or guidance on his present life. The book takes the reader throughout the stages of being a refugee and explains the hardships of life.The climax of this book is when Anh has to make a decision on what he is going to do after he graduates. Anh had to make a decision of whether to become a eight hour a day businessman or a four hour a week comedian. Thankfully Anh choose to be a full time comedian. The resolution of the autobiography is when Anh and his family have enough courage to visit there father who walked out on them twenty two years ago and meet his new family and new half brother Anh. The structure in this book is very simple because it is a autobiography but sometimes the book posses many flash back moments in Anh's life and career. Language Language In 1996, 24 year old Lance Armstrong was named the number one cyclist in the world. But that October the Golden Boy and future world champion of American cycling, was sidelined by aggressive testicular cancer which then travelled it self to the lungs and brain. Lance Armstrong was told that he only had a 3 in 100 chance of survival.

Lance then decided that he would undergo surgery and embarked on the most aggressive form of chemotherapy. Five months after being told he was probably going to die, Lance resumed his training regime.

This Autobiography, "Its not about the bike, my journey back to life", tells the tale of a journey from being diagnosed with cancer, to reach the Tour de France and win it three years in a row, to marriage and first time fatherhood through IVF. In 1977, Anh Do was born into war torn Vietnam, five months later he and his family decided that they would take the risk and move to Australia so that their children could grow up happily and have a better life. But Anh Do and his family nearly didn't make it to Australia, his entire family came close to losing their lives at sea. Whether it was from murderous pirates, death from starvation and dehydration, nothing would stop them from acheiving a better life.

Life in Australia was hard for Anh. From back-breaking work with his family, to ruthless landlords and to make dowith everything. Life was a lot harder when Anh's father left the family at the age of 13. After that, his mother sacrifice was an inspiration to him. Anh worked in his teenage years to make ends meet and then eventually graduated from high school and university. The happiest refugee tells of an incredible, uplifting and inspiring story of how Anh Do came from war torn Vietnam to one of Australia's most loved comedians. The structure in this autobiography is key on how the story devolves. The autobiography starts off with the exposition where the reader learns the characters and the general plot. We are the given a insight in to what Lance wants to be as a cyclist. Next Lance explains how his life was before he was diagnosed with cancer and how he was first noticing the symptoms of Testicular cancer. As the book goes on he explains the major steps as a cancer patient and how he fights to get to the Tour de France.
In the back end or the climax of the autobiography, Lance writes how he met his wife, married her and went through one of the most difficult times in his life, IVF. Because the chemotherapy destroyed his sperm cells, Lance was left to use the process of IVF to enable his wife to conceive. Fortunately it worked and their baby boy was born. The outcome is that Lance can finally be healthy with his family and know that he is a world champion cyclist. The structure in this book is very simple because it is a autobiography but sometimes the book posses many flash back moments in Lance Armstrong life and career. There are many characters or people in Anh Do's memoir. Because Anh has such a large family, including an extended family Anh mentions nearly everyone in his book. In the early stages of the book, Anh explains many stories about his father's acts of bravery especially in the war era. Anh repeatedly recalls the situation when his father walked into a Vietnam concentration camp, stole a guards uniform, badge and paperwork and ordered two prisoners who were his brothers to walk and come with him. His father then ran straight out of the camp with his two brothers and safely back home. Anh always remembers and talks about this story because it was a huge influence and reminder of what bravery can do, Anh always notes that if his father was to be caught in the camp, he wouldn't be alive today. There is a common theme that is displayed right throughout the autobiography of Anh Do. Throughout the book, Anh is faced with challenge after challenge and adversity and yet after every challenge and struggle, Anh and his family would always be able to survive and continue their lives. A prime example of this would be when he and his entire family were trapped on a small fishing boat for two weeks whilst traveling to Australia. Many adults sacrificed their food and water for their children and most had to go two whole weeks without food. But Anh and his family perserved and overcame the treacherous boat ride and safely made it to Australian shores for a better life. This ability to overcome struggling life situations resulted in Anh becoming one of Australia's most loved comedians. There are only a select few characters in Lance Armstrong's autobiography that may have large influences. In this book there are two main characters in the first half;they are Lance Armstrong and his mother Linda. Lance's mother plays a massive role in the book and his life. She never forced him to do anything except go to school and try his best at anything he did. At the age of seven, Lance received his first bike, it was a Schwinn mag scramble.Lance's mother saved for a whole year just so he could have it. Lance regularly thanked his mother for all that she did for him that helped him get where he wanted to be, especially when he won his three Tour de France titles. Linda was always the first to be hugged and thanked. There is a common theme that is portrayed right throughout the autobiography of Lance Armstrong. From firstly overcoming the treacherous battle with cancer in which he only had a three in one hundred chance of survival, to meeting the love of his life; Kik, winning the hardest race known to man; the Tour De France three times in a row and finally becoming a father. Lance Armstrong perserved through some of the toughest battles ever known by the human race. He pushed himself through physical and mental barriers nearly every day so that one day he could sit out on his deck in Austin Texas and look out into the sunset knowing that he overcame everything that was thrown to him in life and become healthy, smiling and happy and inspiring others to do as he did. The language of this book is quite simple and very easily to understand. Seeing as this book is an autobiography it has many detailed life adventures or tiny chapters that give a very detailed understanding of what is going on and how the characters and are feeling or thinking about.
The writer " Sally Jenkins" uses many poetic techniques in the autobiography such as personification. The writer explains how the cancer in Lance Armstrong's body did not just spread quickly, but it galloped right throughout Lance's body and major organs. The language of this book is quite simple and very easily to understand. Seeing as this book is an autobiography it has many detailed life adventures or small recount chapters that give a very detailed understanding of what is going on. These many chapters often influence then novel later on.

Anh Do is the sole author of the book and has used many writing techniques that shape the book. Anh has many flashback moments especially when he was growing up in Vietnam or first settling down in his new home of Australia.
Anh has been recognized of this effort with his autobiography by winning many awards such as the 2011 Australian book of the year award.
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