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StackExchange - the Tour

A quick tour of the main features of StackExchange - what's so cool?

Benjol .

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of StackExchange - the Tour

Why? What? How? Why was StackExchange created? What's it all about? How to get started? There's lots of other stuff.
But the bottom line is: Check out some of the sites, decide which one(s) you might be interested in Can't find the site you're looking for? (Area51) If you already have an account on any of
these sites, you can use it to sign up... Ask your question, get answers
Answer other people's questions
Gain rep, gain badges Because other internet Q&A sucks (as we've seen) The Venn diagram Making the internet a better place Learning more:
chat Let's imagine a world without Stack Overflow - the Stack Exchange site for programmers: What do you get? Adverts Unformatted code blocks Code without any explanation Code with too much explanation! Miles of comment threads full of mostly rubbish that you end up reading anyway, just in case Differing opinions with no way to judge who's right or wrong Without mentioning the forums with
16 pages of mingled answers, comments, flame wars, insults, childishness and spam. And maybe (just maybe) somewhere in there,
the answer you need... Google-baiting leading to paywalls... Whereas... The best answers get 'voted up' and bubble to the top People can comment and request feedback - and their comments are clearly differentiated from answers If you leave a comment for someone, they get notified.

And if someone answers one of your questions, you get notified. And if you are active on multiple Stack Exchange sites, your notifications 'follow' you across all sites, no need to keep 15 tabs open... Curators (anyone who cares) can correct formatting, or simply improve the overall quality of an answer. The community ethos is heavily biased towards quality and "being nice". Everyone can contribute to site 'curation':
Spam, trolling and abuse are aggressively flagged. "getting quality answers to quality questions" Head on over to the Stack Exchange website Click through to see Go ahead! Have a question? Ask it! See a question you can answer? You don't HAVE to provide a login and password Please, please, PLEASE read the short introductory text It will help you avoid disappointment as you take your first steps Oh, I almost forgot... Subscriptions...

New logins & passwords Clicking on the "More OpenId options" shows other sites where you might have an account
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