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Principle of Advertising

No description

Marissa Teoh

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of Principle of Advertising

Principle of Advertising
Identify people with shared needs and characteristics
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
by Marissa Teoh (J15017602)
Emirates took a humorous approach for this advertisement.

The airline teamed up with the Friends star in a $5m ad deal last year, Jennifer Aniston.

It relates very well to consumer demands.

The first ad featuring Aniston, the actress was roaming around an aircraft in a dazed manner.

She is further disconcerted when the cabin crew laugh at her enquires for shower facilities and a bar.

The next shot shows Aniston waking up on-board the first-class suite of an Emirates A380 aircraft and describing her “nightmare” to the bar attendant.
In the short clip, Aniston is shown enjoying a shower onboard an Emirates A380 before returning to her first class seat to find a child playing with a toy plane.

The two chat and she agrees to be his ‘co-pilot’ as they venture through the business class section, bar area and back to the boy’s family in economy class.
It ends with Aniston enjoying the economy class service and entertainment while the boy’s mother experiences her first class suite.
Children roaming around in the largest plane?
Family Friendly = Children Friendly

Children's attention spend is very minimum. A 1hour flight is enough to bore them.
To keep parents less afraid of bringing their kids on flight, kids have to be entertained. Lessens the burdens of parents and brings convenience too.
Child-friendly refreshments
Play area
Parental Control
Child-appropriate movies
wider choice, encourages unique service
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