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Great Anxieties

No description

Bentley Stewart

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Great Anxieties

Double click anywhere & add an idea Great Anxieties Paul Tillich Fate & Death

Guilt & Condemnation

Emptiness & Meaninglessness Temporal Interpretation The Polar Responses
toTillich’s Anxieties (my reinterpretation of Taylor) Taylor, Charles W. The Skilled Pastor:
Counseling as the Practice of Theology.
Fortress Press: Minneapolis, 1991.
Christian Atonement Theologies as Responses to Tillich’s Anxieties Douglas John Hall Maslow’s
“Hierarchy of Needs”

Fate & Death Overwhelmed by future concerns Guilt & Condemnation Plagued by past narratives Emptiness & Meaninglessness Paralyzed by present possibilities Paul Tillich Fate & Death Dread Hope Guilt & Condemnation Despair Acceptance Emptiness &
Meaninglessness Alienation Love Fate & Death Guilt & Condemnation Emptiness & Meaninglessness Soteriology of liberation (e.g. Christus Victor) Soteriology of forgiveness based on substitutionary sacrifice (e.g. Anselm, etc.)
“The question of people in developed societies today is not ‘Is there anything after death?’ “the far more dominant anxiety of our epoch ….a virtually uncharted depth—and one intuitively, legitimately, feared and repressed …because …we fear entering this dark place that is the present with its deep suspicion of purpose” “What are human beings for?”
Wendell Berry “but, ‘Is there anything before death?’”
DJH “So long as we continue to confine Christ’s atoning work to the assuaging of the older anxieties of fate and guilt, we will only serve to postpone our whole civilization’s encounter with the great question that with all its technical and scientific ingenuity it begs: ‘To what end?’”~ DJH Self-
Actualization v. Meaninglessness & Emptiness Esteem &
Social Needs v.
Guilt & Condemnation Physical &
Safety Needs
v. Fate & Death spiritual care of group work Get to know your target audience as ends unto themselves and not means
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