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Immigration presentation

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jordan loeffler

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Immigration presentation

Immigration presentation
Where he was from
- there were only a few challenges she said he went through like the boat ride here, he was steerage passenger because he was very poor and did not have a lot of money

- once he got here he meet up with a couple of people he knew and had to live in a apartment with 15 other guys

-he made money by shinning shoes for people
- he was 14 years old when he came to America
- he came because him and his family were very poor and wanted to come to America to make some money to support his family
- he came here by boat by himself and he went through Elise Island and he was a steerage passenger

American Dream
He did reach the american dream because he came here with absolutely nothing and he worked and did not make much but enough to help and support his family and to make a living and he did just that and finally his family immigrated over to and he got his own house.
Name: Peter speroupouios (great grandpa)

From: skortsinou, Greece

Person interviewed: May Melton( grandma)

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