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Voices to Vision

Final presentation of our proposed vision statement

Amanda Olson

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Voices to Vision

Multiple Voices
Becoming One Vision
We're filled with talented people with strong faith."
"It's ok when I am not ok."
"We welcome a variety of tradition."
"I have permission to to express myself."
"I'm encouraged to use my gifts."
genuine worship,
and courageous service,
"Everyone has a heart to see lives touched with the Gospel."
"We have significant opportunities to provide compassion."
"We need each other."
"We come to stay connected."
"We don’t ignore justice."
"I need the accountability and encouragement."
"We value participating in all aspects of God's work."
"We value the freedom to obediently live Christian lives with authenticity and vulnerability."
unfinished people
"Grace is a place of acceptance, friendship and nurture."
"We want to be part of what Christ is doing in our neighborhood and city."
"We want greater insight into faith-based views on challenging questions."
"We desire to cultivate faith conversations, engaging the culture of today."
"God isn't limited
to some vague, spiritual sphere."
through biblical truth,
"This is a
life-giving place."
"Connecting with God brings healing and transformation."
"What we really need is to be transformed."
"There's a strong commitment to prayer."
"We value the biblical focus."
"I can just be me."
"Here, we experience God’s love and grace."
"We do not compromise on worship and focus on God."
"We're willing to try something new."
"We are most effective together."
Grace is an intentional gathering of
"We value
seeking Jesus' transforming love
and purposely sharing that love
throughout our daily lives.
Grace is an intentional gathering of unfinished people
seeking Jesus' transforming love
through biblical truth, genuine worship, and courageous service, and purposely sharing that love throughout our daily lives.

Church-wide Objectives*
1. Develop a leadership structure with clear pathways that empower intentional ministry
2. Create an ongoing formation plan so that unfinished people are intentionally developed in their faith journey
3. Become a safe place where people can easily enter and be fully integrated into the fabric of the church
4. Provide a need-based outreach ministry that cares for the community while developing volunteers
*as developed by the Navigate Team
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