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Ukraine Conflict

No description

ksf schrdh

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of Ukraine Conflict

Demographics of Ukraine and Crimea
Importance of Crimea to Russia
Treaty of Black Sea Fleet
Russia and Ukraine signed Partition Treaty of Black Sea Fleet
Ukraine agreed to lease major parts of its new bases to Russian Black Sea Fleet until 2017 at Sevastopol
Lease of Russian Black Sea Fleet extended till 2042 in 2010

Ukrainian Revolution (2014)
Ukraine President, Yanukovych to establish relations with EU & Russia
EU wants Ukraine to break ties with Russia and release Tymoshenko as agreement
Yanukovych signed treaty with Russia
Civil unrest sparked in Kiev
Yanukovych driven from power
Management of Crimea Conflict
Referendum on Annexation to Russia
Crimea declare Independence
and joined Russia Federation
Global Impact of Ukraine Conflict
Biggest conflict between the West and Russia
since the
Cold War
Impact of Ukraine Conflict on Groups Involved
Ukraine Conflict
15th July 2014

Territorial dispute between
Ukraine and pro-Russian
ethnic group
Management of Crimea conflict
Historical Development
Management of Conflict
Impact of Conflict
Recommendation for Resolution
In Ukraine, new interim government is formed...
...but Russia denies the legitimacy of the new government
Pro-Russian forces seize control over Crimea,
with the help of Russian troops

Calls for negotiation talks
Russia deploys troops to the border of Ukraine
Sanctions on Russia
Referendum is deemed as violation of international laws especially by Ukraine, UN, US and EU
Ukraine holds election for a new government

Sign Economic Pact Agreement with EU
Unrest in Eastern Regions of Ukraine
Ukraine propose peace plan and ceasefire
Separatist agrees to bilateral ceasefire on 27 june

Russia agrees to take
military intervention into Ukraine off the table

Ukraine ends cease-fire and regained control of major cities in Eastern regions
The first conflict surrounding Crimea
Background : Russian expansionism as the Ottoman Empire declined
religious dispute over who should be the guardian of the Ottoman Empire’s Christian minority

Officially established in December 1922 as the union
Treaty of Creation of the USSR and the Declaration of the Creation of the USSR approved
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics formed

Ethnic Russians

Downfall of economy
Loss of control
over territories

Sanctions, pressure from West
Economic downfall - protectionism
Warming up relations to South America
International Reactions Crimea conflict
Establishment of Soviet Union
Historical Development
Highest Communist Party officials opted to rule the Soviet Union jointly after Stalin’s death
Congress declared Russia’'s sovereignty over its territory
Belavezha Accords signed
Soviet Union dissolved
Ukraine became an independent state
Crimea transferred to Ukraine
Crimean Parliament was shut down

The Treaty of Creation of the USSR

13th July
Russia warns Ukraine after shell crosses border, killing Russian man

Merkel & Putin
meet in Argentina - both agree situation in Ukraine has worsened
Solution 1
Internal resolution without
intervention from
EU, US & Russia
Embracing and integrating ethnic Russians
Solution 2

Russia as Mediator
Restoring diplomatic ties
& economic ties with Russia
Promote long term stability
Maintain stability

Less violence and protests

Less tensions between EU, US, Russia and OSCE

Cooperation with international organisations
Decentralised authority &
power of Ukraine government
Autonomous regions may choose to break free from Ukraine, resulting in loss of territories for Ukraine
If peaceful resolution fails, unrest will continue

Russia will not remove its troops from the Ukrainian border

Solution 3

Russia in Cooperation with Ukraine
Freedom of Choice for the Pro-Russian Supporters over citizenship

Stronger ties between the 2 countries
Russia's economy could be negatively affected by absorbing Ukraine's debts
Recommended Solution
Solution 1
How do you think
the conflict will look like...

5 years from now?
30.000 refugees to Russia
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