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Surrealism Art

For Tech

Audrey Montoya

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Surrealism Art

By: Audrey, Kain and Dillon Surrealism WHO WHAT 1.)What was the first surrealism painting? Where 2.) What is surrealism? 3.) What did M. C. Escher do? 4.)What was M. C. Escher famous for? WHY 1.)Why did surrealism become famous? 1.)Who Is the most famous surrealism painter? 3.)Why did M. C. Escher Draw surrealism? 2.)Why does surrealism look so weird? 4.)Why do artists put multiple pictures together to create one big confusing one? 2.) Who started surrealism? 4.) Who was the first surrealism artist? 3.) Who is a surrealist that is alive? How When 1.) How did surrealism get started? 1.) When did surrealism become famous? 2.) When did M.C. Escher start painting? 3.) When did M.C. Escher's first painting come out? 4.) When did M.C. Escher become famous? 2.) How did MC Escher become famous? 3.) How did MC Escher die? 4.) How many drawings did MC Escher draw? 1.)Where was the first painting showcased? 2.) Where is a famous surrealim museum? 3.) Where are some of M.C. Escher's drawings showcased? http://emptyeasel.com/2007/03/14/salvador-dali-the-famous-surrealist-painter/ http://wwar.com/masters/movements/surrealism.html 1.) The famous surrealism painter is Salvador Dali. 2.) Andre Breton founded Surrealism. 3.)Dorothea Tanning is the oldest surrealist that is still alive. 4.) Andre Breton was the first surrealist artist. 2.) Surrealism is pictures put together to make a confusing picture! 3.) M. C. Escher drew surrealism! 1.)First surrealism painting Remastered! 1.)Surrealism became famous because of its confusing but cool display! http://www.josephcusimano.com/surreal/intro.htm http://www.salon.com/2002/02/11/tanning/ 2.)Surrealism looks weird because its a picture with a picture inside of it! 4.) Where did M.C. Escher draw? 1.) The first surrealist painting was showcased in Paris. 3.)M.C. Escher drew surrealism because it was a new challenged way to do art! 4.)Surrealists put multiple pictures in one tocreate a confusing, cool picture!! 3.) MC Escher died of a rare cancer. 4.) M. C. Escher was famous for crating famous surrealism! http://www.cccb.org/en/exposicio-paris_and_the_surrealists-12970 Pictures http://pixhost.me/avaxhome/2007-03-26/HoaxGroup_Surrealism_Escher.jpg http://www.charnine.com/paintings/page4/images/Surrealism_charnine%208.jpg http://art9b.wikispaces.com/file/view/surrealism.jpg/227060374/surrealism.jpg 2.) Gay Brussels is a famous surrealism museum. 3.) M. C. Eschers paintings are showcased all over the world. mainly Europe. 4.) He did his drawings in different towns http://www.johncoulthart.com/feuilleton/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/persistence2.jpg http://www.chilloutpoint.com/images/2010/08/jose-roosevelt-surrealist-painter/jose-roosevelt-surrealist-painter-10.jpg http://www.josephcusimano.com/surreal/intro.htm http://www.charnine.com/paintings/page4/images/surrealism%201.jpg http://josephfleming.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/andre-breton2.jpg http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3bjgrEWBJ1qf3zj9o1_500.jpg http://www.creativeglossary.com/pics/term/1687-2.jpg http://waltribeiro.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/amazing-painting-surreal-art-elephants-music.jpg 2.) MC Escher Bcame famous by art lectures. http://users.erols.com/ziring/escher_bio.htm http://www.spiritofspider.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Vladimir-Kush-4-Surrealism.jpg http://www.bc.edu/bc_org/avp/cas/artmuseum/exhibitions/archive/masson/magritte.jpg http://kwalk98.edublogs.org/files/2012/07/waterhands-1pdnqbx.jpg 4.) MC Escher drew over 2000 drawings and sketches. http://www.mcescher.com/Biography/biography.htm 1.) Surrealism started in the 20th Centery. 2.) M.C. Escher started painting in 1921. 3.) M.C. Escher's first painting came out in the 1920's 4.) He bacame famous in 1922. http://users.erols.com/ziring/escher_bio.htm http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iRRoFWkTMS4/Tacde8_VrMI/AAAAAAAAAA4/W5stXVozsgc/s1600/Art+Fantasy+Fantastic+Illusion+Magic+Paint http://cdn.trendhunterstatic.com/phpthumbnails/88/88970/88970_1_230c.jpeg http://kwalk98.edublogs.org/files/2012/07/waterhands-1pdnqbx.jpg http://img86.imageshack.us/img86/3644/samycharninesurrealism2vo1.jpg http://www.adrants.com/images/vw-magritte.jpg 1.) Surrealism started after the dada movement, when artists caught its eccentric ideas. BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.freeelectroniccigarettes.com/wp-content/themes/fruit-shake/surrealism-war-7810.jpg (8 Questions) http://www.josephcusimano.com/surreal/intro.htm http://www.arthistoryarchive.com/arthistory/surrealism/Origins-of-Surrealism.html Dillon: For the presintation you will do Where and How. Kain: For the presentantion you will do Why and When. Audrey: For the Presentaation you will do Who and When. Order of Presentation: Who - What - Where When - How - Why. NOTES!!!!!!
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