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MONDAY 4.13.15

No description

Amy Swanson

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of MONDAY 4.13.15

Paper Passing and Collection Procedures
Let's establish a time-saving procedure for distribution and collection of materials. Those of you seated at the ends of each horseshoe, you will be my paper collectors. The middle of each horseshoe will be the dividing point. Paper distributors for this week will be:
Article of the Week
Paper passers-- here's your second chance!

Let's pre-read the questions and then annotate with purpose.
Anne Frank- Act 2 Scene 1
Now, let's use the sticks to assign parts for Act 2. Paper passers, please hand out the packet for Act 2.
Greek and Latin Roots
Let's read through this new unit of Greek and Latin roots and related words. When your name is called, read the part of speech, word and definition OR the example sentence. Follow along!
Thank you!
Do Now:

Complete the following on lined paper:

List some attributes of high quality work. Gear your list towards the kinds of assignments we do in this class. What does high quality work look like, sound like, seem like in this class?
MONDAY 4.13.15
Responding to Act 2 Scene 1:
In our Act 1 packet, let's add some more traits next to the photographs.
Next, let's write a journal entry as the invisible ninth member of the annex. What changes do you observe in the conflicts and relationships in the annex?
Let's practice by handing in our READING LOGS. And, distributing reading logs.
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