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Drug Abuse

No description

Jessica Phan

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse
Jessica Phan
English 12 / Economics 12
Mrs Rooney / Miss Byrne
20 May 2015

Why drugs?
drug usage in media
psychological aspects
voluntary issue
Original Essential Question
What are the effects of drug abuse on the user’s daily life, and society, and how are these effects being treated?
Modified Essential Question
What are the effects of illegal drug use on the user’s daily life, family, and society; and how are these effects being treated?
Addiction, Neglect, Behavior, Tolerance
Severity & Scope
Possible Solutions
increase in inspection
increase drug education and awareness
provide treatment for prisoners
increase treatment availability
Increase in Inspection
Drug Education, Programs, & Awareness
Treatment for Prisoners
Make Treatment More Available
increase inspection and regulations
training to find drugs
monitor legal ingredients used to make drugs
73% drug addicts employed (“Preventing Drug Abuse at Work”).
13% of children have drug-abused parent (“Family Matters: Substance Abuse and the American Family”).
40% of 12th graders (Dryden-Edwards).
Half of prisoners (Carson).
drug education more enforced
provide programs
increase advertisements
only some prisons provide
should be sentenced to treatment
drug crimes considered health matter (Keane).
limited amount of space
more money needs to be funded
needs to be more affordable
My Service
Genetics, Mental health, Age, Environment
Works Cited.
Second Chance Inc.
provides treatment & residential living
Cleaned facility, provides better environment for patients
Difficulties: did not let me interact w/patients
Ideal service:
interaction with patients
present to schools
The ATF: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ("Alcohol & Tobacco").
Investigates and prevents use, manufacture, and possession ("Alcohol & Tobacco").
Thomas E. Brandon
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Thank you!
(“Illicit Drug Use”).
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