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Five Nights At Freddy's

No description

christian saade

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Five Nights At Freddy's

Five night's at Freddy's
by Christian Saade
and Ben Rice

The game
Golden Freddy
Freddy is the main character in the game and is the last one to leave his position. Freddy is a bear. Freddy has brown fur with small ears.
Bonnie is one of the scary characters in the game and is the first person to leave His position. He is a blue rabbit and has long ears and between his ears you can see black.
Thank you for listening 4 gold.
Chica is a girl. She is the second last person to leave her position. She is a chicken with a babies apren.
In five nights at freddies you have to search in the rooms to look for animatronics. The animatronics are freddy the bear, bonnie the rabbit, chica the chicken, foxy the pirate and golden freddy the golden bear. the animatronics will try to kill you but if you close the doors it will slow them down or make them go away. If you survive till 6 am you complete the first night. There are 6 nights.
Foxies starting location is behind the curtain in Pirate Cove, from which he emerges and sprints towards The Office to attack the player on any given night if he is monitored too much or too little (with the exception of The 2nd Night) through the security camera.
Unlike other animatronics in the game, Foxy will hide for a while before coming to attack the you. Foxy is the only anthemetrmic that can run ii the game.
Like Bonnie and Freddy, Chica starts the night on the Show Stage. When she leaves the Show Stage, Chica can then go to the Kitchen, Restrooms, Dining Area, and East Hall.

Her movements are somewhat random, but she will always approach from the right side. You activate the Hall Lights to check if she's in the players blind spot.
Golden Freddy is Freddy the bear but gold and can crash your game by sitting in front of you on a chair. You can't see him on the cameras for some reason. He can show up if you find a poster of him.
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