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Tears of A Tiger

No description

Jasirri Green

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Tears of A Tiger

Rising Action/complications Tears of A Tiger Plot line Exhibition This story begins by introducing The main character Andy, and his three best friends Rob, B.J, and Tyrone. Inciting Incident After Rob and Andy's team win in a high school game, they decide to celebrate the win with Tyrone and B.J by drinking and taking a ride in Andy's car. They crashed into a brick wall and Andy was only able to help Tyrone and B.J. out of the burning car. Rob was unable to get out and he slowly passed away. Complications/Rising Action After the incident Andy cannot stop blaming himself for the death of Rob. His parents then send him to a psychiatrist to break him out of his depression. Andy starts to have bad dreams and
lots of guilt when he's assigned the new leader of the basketball team. When everyone seems to get over the fact that Rob is gone months after, Andy cannot. His girlfriend Keisha, begins to get tired of listening his depressing thoughts and stories of him Falling Action Andy's girlfriend left him, his psychiatrist was unavailable, his grades were low, and he had no one else to talk too. Everything begins to fall apart for Andy. All he wanted then was for all his pains and troubles to go away. Climax Everyone seem to notice a change in Andy. His behavior begins to be terrible in class and he wasn't the same joking around happy person he used to be.
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