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SCOM 2012

No description

Keith Kleiman

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of SCOM 2012

Deployment Plan
Preparation Phase
Server builds completed
SCOM 2012 Installation Phase
Management Servers installed
Agent Deployment Phase
Notification Implementation and Conversion Phase
Service accounts created
SQL Server databases installed
Gateway Servers installed
Project Implementation Architecture (PIA) document completed and reviewed
SCOM Active Directory containers created
Active Directory Integration configured
Update agent installation scripts
Upgrade SCOM agents
Management Pack Installation Phase
Windows Server 2003/2008
SQL Server 2005/2008
VMWare (Nworks)
Exchange 2003
Sharepoint 2010
23 LFG Custom MPs
Lync 2010
Windows Server Team
Windows Engineering
Messaging Team
Distributed Database Team
Web Hosting Team
Business Intelligence Team
ISV Team
Customer Service Technology Team
Data Center and DR Management Team
Distributed Storage Team
Distribution IT Team
Employer Markets Team
Help Desk Systems Team
Law Department
CAPS Support
MP Studio Installed
Ports opened
Certificates obtained
SCOM 2012 Deployment Completed
SCOM 2012 Test Deployment
Preperation Phase
Installation Phase
Agent Deployment Phase
Management Pack Installation Phase
6/19 - 9/10/2012
9/28 - 11/30/2012
12/3 - 1/18/2013
Q3 2013
Project plan created
Project plan created
What's next?
Dashboard redesign
App LOB modeling
Network Monitoring
Orchestrator 2012 Implementation
Decommission Phase
Stop agents from reporting into SCOM 07
Shutdown Veeam Infrastructure
Shutdown SCOM Management and Gateway Servers
Shutdown SCOM Database Servers
Submit request to cleanup SCOM 07 accounts, groups, and firewall config.
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