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First Day of School!

No description

Nicky Houseman

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of First Day of School!

The most meaningful section to me was: Self Discovery Artifacts & Learning Reflections. The reason being is that it was the first time in a long time that I revaluated myself. It took several hours of thinking of who I am and what I want to improve within myself. I didn't see this assignment as just an assignment but as a learning experience as I progress in my path.
Moving Forward with Life & College
SLS 1122
Everything in this class was meaningful to me.
What did you learn?
The correct way to study for a test.
Success Type Learning Style
How to create a Power Point!
Kinesthetic & Visual learner
The Most Meaningful Section
Handy Dandy Notebook
Budgeting Calender
Treating each assignment as if it were the first.
Working Smarter not Harder
The Career Center Visit
enlightening and useful
Study Abroad Advisor
informative and interesting
possibility of taking a class in another country
learning a new language
Focus on College Success Book
well written
very easy to understand and follow
student life stories were relate-able
Essay Writing
exciting and rewarding
each teaches a lesson
self evaluation on what you really want

My First Semester of College

This Class was very useful to me because it taught me skills that will be valuable for the rest of my college career.
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