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New Atheism

theo 107

Katie Bohman

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of New Atheism

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Theology 107 New Atheism Misconceptions Coexistence with Religions -Atheism can coexist with some religions and is in fact accepted within some of them.

-New Atheism would have a much harder time coexisting with religions and other
worldviews. High Profile Atheist Richard Dawkins The God Delusion -Disregards Creationism and Intelligent Design

-Natural Selection

-Consciousness-Raiser Statistics - 500-750 million humans currently do not believe in God.
- Highest degree of Atheism most of the nations of Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, & Israel
- Atheism is virtually nonexistent most of Africa, South America, the Middle East, & Asia
- Strong correlation with high levels of societal health Atheism VS New Atheism -Atheism and New Atheism both reject the belief in the existence of deities.

-New Atheism attempts to use science to combat and counter religions and their beliefs.

-New Atheism is a more aggressive and proactive movement against religion than traditional Atheism.

-Traditional atheists are not as anti-religion as many of the new atheists seem to be.

-There are some atheists who don’t believe that all religion is inherently irrational or worthless.

-New atheists have no regard for respecting other religions and often go so far as to disrespect them. -The mission of Richard Dawkins

-The truth of religion
Religion is not an important aspect of our life Negative Stereotype Response Atheism & Violence - The number of atheists in this country is booming at an unprecedented speed
- Generation of Millennials - instruments of diffusion
- Political Force
- Religious liberals and secular humanists stand to gain
-Godless societies – happier & healthier Future of New Atheism Relation between New Atheism and the Theory of Evolution -They are alike in their rejection of an active God.
-The New Atheists are deeply convinced about the nonexistence of actively intervening gods.
-Evolutionary Religious Studies are conscientious about the knowledge of how things are created.
-Whenever New Atheists make claims about religion as a human phenomenon, their claims should respect the authority of empirical evidence.
-As stated by Dawkins, New Atheism is the only serious option for a thinking, honest, and scientifically informed person. "Science is but one form of rationalism, while religion is the most common form of superstition." Darwinism -Before Darwin, scientists (such as Newton) believed in God; afterward, they do not.
-Darwinism destroys faith in God is a common belief.
-Atheism was previously rejected as inadequate, possibly even unorthodox, before Darwin's theories.
-Dawkins is noted particularly for his insistence that a Darwinian theory of evolution is fatally corrosive to belief in God. "Darwinian natural selection is the only known solution to the otherwise unanswerable riddle of where the information comes from. It turns out to be the God Hypothesis that tries to get something for nothing." Smart's Dimensional Analysis Narrative
Ethical Is the most controversial
If there is no Supreme Being, how can their morals be determined?
Atheist determines their own morals, since there are no absolute morals
Logical paradox People are more likely to consider themselves to be Christian than personal belief:
72% Baptized into religion
38% Parents had belief 60% have not read any part of the Bible by choice in the past year

49% did not attend church last year

26% completely believe in the power of prayer; 1 in 5 people do not believe in prayer 32% believe Jesus physically resurrected

18% don't believe in the resurrection

49% do not think of Jesus as the Son of God

4% doubting he existed at all "Natural Selection raises out consciousness to the power of science to explain how organized complexity can emerge from simple beginnings without any deliberate guidance." New Atheists and Science -“scientism” means the view that all questions about what really exists in the universe are amenable only to empirical observation, reason, and agreement among different observers.

-New Atheism is different from Old Atheism because of its emphasis on science. New Atheism has become so successful, since the faithful have no evidence. - Least trusted people
- Rare number of avowed atheists are rare in public life (rarely visible in politics & entertainment)
- Perceived to have no moral compass
- Antipathy stimulated with recent emergence of "New Atheist" writers - "Reason Rally" National Mall in Washington, D.C.
- American Atheists
- Freedom from Religion Foundation
- Secular Coalition for America
- Secular Student Alliance
- The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers - Michael Martin
-Widespread growth in atheism globally would 'probably' be fewer wars and less violence than there is now
-Optimism of atheistic materialists of the eighteenth century Enlightenment
- Promise of a more violence free world -All atheists hate God.

-Atheists are rebelling against God.
-Atheists worship Satan.

-All atheists have the same
philosophical views.

-Being labeled an atheist
automatically announce one's
agreement with, or approval of,
other atheists.
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