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Summary of The Castle in the Attic

A summary.

Nives Madison

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Summary of The Castle in the Attic

In the beginning of the story, William comes back home from gymnastics. William was taught a new dive roll, but he cannot do it correctly. Mrs.Phillips helps him with his technique. Later, she tells him that she is going back to London. Mrs Philips gives William her toy castle as a good bye present. Excitedly, William goes upstairs to play with the knight that was in the castle. When he gets to the attic , he picks up the knight and it suddenly comes to life. The knight's name is Sir Simon and he had been turned to lead for ages by Alastor, a cruel wizard. Alastor had poisoned Sir Simon's father and taken over his kingdom. Fortunately for Sir Simon, William's touch brought him back to life. William finds out that Sir Simon has a coin that can make things small, while Alastor has one that can make things big and yet another that can turn things into lead. William uses Sir Simon's coin to make Mrs. Phillips small and keep her from leaving for London. After making her small, William realized that it would be only two weeks until her family is expecting her and that they would know she was missing. William decides to turn himself small and go with Sir Simon to get Alastor's coin to make Mrs. Phillips big and then to take back the throne. On their way to the castle, Sir Simon gets tricked by a mirage and runs off. William continues the journey and along the way hears that Alastor needs a new fool so he decides to apply for the job. When William meets Alastor, he is introduced to Calender, Sir Simon's nurse. Then Alastor showed him a hall where the lead people are. William saw Sir Simon, who was once again turned to lead. One night William and Calender were in the hall with the lead people. Calender wanted revenge for what Alastor had done. The next morning, while Alastor was being entertained by William, Calender grabbed the magic coin and turned Alastor to lead. William could then bring the people back to life by touching them. Everybody thanked him. William went home and made him and Mrs. Philips their normal size.
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