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Western Civ

Cin Munshower

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Russia

Russian and American frontiers met in Alaska.
Russia They sighted Alaska in 1732 and established their first permanant settlement in North America by 1784. Their reason for coming to North America was to find the fur of poor baby sea otters. They established an out post on Hawaii and the California cost
to facilitate the sea otter trade. There were some struggles that occured. Food was scarce. Climate was cold and wet Native Tlingits were well armed and often hostile to
th Russians. Competition of British and American trades for fur was intense Russia America was abandoned with the sale of Alaska to the US in 1867 ALASKA By the end of the 16th century Russians established commercial routes through the Arctic to the fur trading centre of Mangazeya! Russians briefly explored the coast of California
and set up trading posts and hunted for more
sea otter pelts.
Alaska was sold for 7,200,000$ Russia had no state sponsorship of foreign expiditions. The Russian-America company was
formed in 1799.
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