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The wearable Technology

Final project submitted by Budoor, Mireille, & Zainab

mireille tannous

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of The wearable Technology

Google Glass & Nymi Band
The wearable Technology
Google Glass
Is a pair of glasses with interactive lens to display the data.
Developing Multimedia Materials
What is wearable technology?
Dr. Ahmad Dabbagh
Submitted by: Budoor, Mireille, & Zainab
What is wearable technology?
let's give you some ideas
What can it do?
Video chat
What can it do?
The Google Glass
The Nymi band
The future of wearable technology
Let's Start!
A device that can be worn on the body such as accessories or clothing allowing the user to connect to the internet.
Take pictures
Record videos
Give directions
Speak to send message
Translate anything
Give information you need
How does it work?
How to use voice actions?
What about the UAE?
Any idea if Google Glass is used in Dubai?
Dubai Police & detectives are using
To help in the fight against crime through a customized facial recognition software running on the Glass
The Nymi Band
It is a biometric identity device
Uses the heart's unique signature
To authenticate
confirm your identity
How does it work?
Authorized Authentication Device
Touch the Nymi Band
ECG captured & transmitted wirelessly
Biometric template saved
Authenticated by comparing identity with created biometric template
Let's see how it works!!
What if I have irregular or faster heartbeat?
Shape of ECG wave
Heart rate
How does the future of wearable technology look like??
In surgeries
In class
Cashless payment
How does the future of wearable technology look like??
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John the avatar
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Our Forums
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More Engaging Tools
Our Store
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