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Jason Singh Gill

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of END POVERTY!


The question
Should Canada send aid together countries despite that we have poverty too?

Yes, if we help them now, they will get the poverty issue over. Then later they can help us improve on our matter with poverty.

Bibliography; Socials text book, wiki.com, Yahoo answers, and google
Canada's statistics
Canada is one of the countries that has a lot of poverty. Canada has 9.2% of poverty it is the 3rd largest poverty population in the nine regions here.
Population growth
Poor countries are usually high populated
They're uneducated causing poverty
No medical care for high populated countries
Population growth
Argentina has 26% of the worlds population
Canada has 10% of the worlds population
all the other regions combined have about 64% of the worlds population
Poverty Cycle
Causes of Poverty
High population
Uneducated people
Have no medical care
Money loss
Having no job
North South Pattern
Another reason can be that the government might not have enough money get those needed resources. It costs a lot of money to bring in exported items into the city. The North has 72% more resources than the South leaving the South with only 28% 0f resources
North South Pattern
The North South pattern is to represent low and high income countries. The North has a much higher income because it is cool and crops can be harvested and sold. Also their is much vegetation to meet our basic needs. The South has a lower income because it might have the resources or trees to meet their basic needs.
What does Poverty Mean
What is the meaning of poverty? Poverty means to be so low in money that it is a great struggle just to meet your basic needs. Those basic need are water, food, shelter, education, etc.
5 Facts about Poverty
One billion children are living in poverty.
Twenty-two thousand children die each day because of poverty
Four million people are struggling to find a home for them and their children.
1 out of 4 of those living in poverty are children.
About two hundred kids are in poverty in Canada.
Year Billion
1804 1
1927 2
1959 3
1974 4
1987 5
1999 6
2011 7
2020 7.7 (estimate)[19]
Many people get caught in the poverty circle. When in the poverty circle, it can be very difficult. In order to get out of the poverty cycle, you can use another countries help and slowly progress to a good middle-income family.
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