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Important cultural values

No description

Bana Habash

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Important cultural values

Important cultural values

aside from the HUGE importance of spirituality and peace, Freedom has a huge effect on society and it is a HUGE cultural value to me, because if their isn't enough freedom in the culture or society, then when someone leaves to a foreign country then they would look like a caveman and want to try really dangerous things that they didn't learn about because of the closed-minded, freedom less environment they grew up in.
One of the most
important cultural values to me...
I think one of the MOST important cultural value to me is spirituality. i think without spirituality, the people would all be fake, nobody true to themselves and everyone's soul would be as cold as ice and nobody will be kind to each other.
I think peace is also one of the most important thing in culture. if people weren't at peace together, and the people were very self conscious of their culture then the entire society will fall apart and many problems will blossom.
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