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victoria todder

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of TOK

By: Emel Bihorac and Victoria Todd In what ways are various groups stereotyped by the media, and to what extent are these depictions ethical? What is a stereotype? A widely known & oversimplified concept that links specific characteristics to a certain group or gender. These beliefs are usually based off of preconceived notions or swift first impressions. VARIOUS STEREOTYPES Cultural Religious Sexual Individual Societal ETHICS OF STEREOTYPING What is considered ethical behavior? THE MEDIA'S INFLUENCE Establishes a global medium to transmit message
Disguises stereotypes so well that negative ideas seem standard
Intent is to entertain & sell The World in Stereotypes Women Vs. Men Gender stereotypes:

Male- Financial backbone, assertive, independent, strong,
Female- Lower on working scale, mother, dependent, housewife, weak, emotional PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS The formation of stereotypes come from schemas. Schemas were defined by psychologist Jean Piaget as the building blocks of knowledge-- they are our way of organizing our thoughts into relative groups and patterns. Conclusion Questions? UNETHICAL Possible effects of stereotyping:

Discrimination, racism, immigration quotas, sexism, bigotry, prejudices, isolation, violence, persecution, genocide, scapegoating, distortions of reality through generalizations How applicable are these stereotypes? Americans To what extent are people influenced by the media? ETHICAL Stereotyping is inevitable when organizing complex ideas, the act itself is a biological process How are stereotypes spread? Media Television Shows
News articles
Music Family Beliefs Cultural Prejudice Religious Bias Basic Instinct In-group vs. out-group. The in-group has a tendency to outcast or look down on those not in the club. This further relates to Social Identity Theory, introduced by Henri Tajfel. Archetypes Psychologist Carl Jung established archetypes, which are models of people, behaviors, or personalities. The anima (female) versus the animus (male) AMERICANS Stereotyping Americans Gluttonous, greedy, distrusting, self-involved, uninformed, 'world police' MEXICANS Stereotyping Mexicans ASIANS Illusory Correlation Asian Stereotyping All originate from one region (specifically China), share same physical traits, excellent mathematicians and scientists, harder workers, 'model-minority'
Intelligent & strong work ethic Abridged Bibliography "Jung's Archetypes." Jung's Archetypes. Changing Minds, n.d. Web. 13 Jan. 2013. <http://changingminds.org/explanations/identity/jung_archetypes.htm>.

McLeod, Saul. "Jean Piaget." Simply Psychology. Simply Psychology, 2009. Web. 13 Jan. 2013. <http://www.simplypsychology.org/piaget.html>.

Wolska, Malgorzata. "Gender Stereotypes in Mass Media. Case Study: Analysis of the Gender Stereotyping Phenomenon in TV Commercials." Krytyka. Krytyka, 9 Sept. 2011. Web. 13 Jan. 2013. <http://krytyka.org/gender-stereotypes-in-mass-media-case-study-analysis-of-the-gender-stereotyping-phenomenon-in-tv-commercials/>. Frequently co-relating two variables (people, events, or behaviors) even in the absence of an existing relation. Is generalizing a characteristic justifiable if it holds factual basis? What if the stereotype leads to discrimination? What if the generalization is positive? An act held in reference to basic morality acknowledging honesty, dignity, non discriminatory thought, and the effects the act may have on others. Unethical behavior? Conducted with malicious intent, an act that is deliberately deceptive or carried out with no consideration for the thoughts or beliefs of the other party. All Latin Americans originate from Mexico
Mexicans are perceived as lazy, illegal, drug traffickers, uneducated, & migrant workes
Latin American cuisine is always Mexican food Myth or fact?: If negative stereotypes are immoral then positive generalizations must be considered ethical. Staple advertisements
CVS TV ads
Geek Squad at Best Buy
IBM-- brainy IT guys, featuring an Asian American woman In generalizing, one assumes that every individual follows the trend. Potential harm and feelings of alienation often pursue. Individuals that fit the stereotype have feelings of insecurity and do not feel comfortable in their surroundings. Why use stereotypes? In order to connect people to the products & make them feel like it is a necessity
Desire to present product as genuine
Match-Up Theory In the Media:
Bedazzled, Maid in Manhattan, Spanglish,
Modern Family In every aspect of media coverage there exists a means and an end, be it the selling of a product, a show, or a story, there is definitively an aspect of entertainment, of influence, and of intrigue. We are mass consumers of the ideas that constantly flog us and their inescapably makes us even more vulnerable to the messages they're manufacturing. Do stereotypes feed the media or does the media feed us the stereotypes? Are the ethical standards of the networks and advertisers disparate from the audience's view on ethics? Could the media ever be stripped of its stereotypical depictions? Children's attitudes, values, and self-esteem develop under an exposure to a media-manipulated reality which they perceive is a much more accurate reflection of society and it's values than it truly is. Identity contingencies: what one has to endure in a social situation because one has been given a social identity Impair performance discourage someone from a certain field Self-fulfilling prophecy Wider market calls for a larger, more diverse consumer base, unfeasible to not stereotype when targeting a group and familiarizing a product Any statistical analysis of a population requires an assumption, one must generalize results of a sample to a majority. Advertising mimics this method by forming a selling platform that appeals to the majority, not the individual. stereotypes existed far before media's influence. The media merely distributes them, reinforces status quo, acknowledge their existence and capitalize, they do not validate them. Founded in some truth Asians Mexicans Male vs Female America is the most obese country in the world.
30.6% of Americans are obese.
People with less than a high school degree have the highest obesity rate (32.9%). Principal distributor of world news, popular culture, politics, new products, arts, entertainment, etc. Respected as a dominant source and a credible authority on reality. Popular chains serving Latin food at times ARE influenced by Mexican ingredients and flavors, but are vastly Americanized and rather Tex-Mex Scientifically proven that women have a lower tolerance for pain with most stimuli. Goes back to hunter-gatherer culture, evolutionary-wise women are the nurturers, Complete the sentences... All Asians are...

All migrant workers are...

All Americans eat...

Women are better at...

Men are required to... Only 6% of our population, yet 24% at Stanford, 18% at Harvard, and 25% at both Columbia and Cornell. Make $10,000 more annually than the rest of the population
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