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My Life Story

An autobiogophy of who I am and what I have done.....Mi vida....

yanixa buzo

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of My Life Story

Yanixa Buzo Mi vida! Before Mi Familia Friends After Memories Interests My Mother Delfino! Fights! Big ears small hands 3rd grade Junior year Yani Nani hairy Favorites Strengths and Weakness Beliefs & Values summer Erika Jazzi Pily POW POW Niagra falls Canada Abueli fashion cosmetics mac vogue Im a PUERTORICAN Im a MEXICAN Physical Self-Portrait Latiana Brown eyes Chuncky person Im short I love the way I do my makeup and how I dress I resemble a Monkey Me and my abueli in her Birthday party santo reyes
xmas eve
new years eve
thanksgiving Special Holidays Christian Beliefs Im closer to my mother
than any other person,
She is the only true person that
will be there no matter what. who I mostly resemble!! according to my whole mexican family I resemble my sister elsa. I wouldnt know how she looks I have never meet her. Last time I ever saw a picture of her was probobly when I was 5 years old. Best friend we have gone throough so much ,
No one can ever image a lot in common del and me in niagra falls for the first time together I get along with everyone. Im really outgoing and am nice to everyone My mom's bday is on xmas My baby cousins birthday is on new years Family tradition to thank God for his blessings 3 Special gifts My proudest moment would be when I started
going to church, because it changed me from a bad
person to a better person. A moment I would like to change would be when I got arrested, and
the way I would change it would be, by not doing what I did in the first place. A event I do not remember but have told about, is when I was a baby. According to my family I used to cry like I have never cried before, because I was scared to death of my father. Im daddy's little girl now.. ily babe I know! we live together we fight a lot but we make up by telling each other our thoughts and how we can avoid stuff. Then kiss and make up. honesty respect Things I like to do sewing
make up
Crafts Things I used to do Drawing
Dancing What I do to relax I like sitting in a quiet place with my bf, now that is relaxing If I meet someone who would it be? I would like to meet my grandfather, my family talks a lot about him. He sounds like a wonderful
person to meet. Sincerly I believe sewing is a intrest of mine that has helped me grow up. Reasons why are, I can express myself, I can sew my own clothing, I can enjoy myself, etc. JIBARITO Y ARROZ CON GANDULES INGREDIENTS Arroz Jibarito Arroz
Oja de Laurel
Olive oil
Pimiento Rojo Platano Verde
Carne de Biste
Olive Oil
Aceite de freir
Oja de laurel My dog is my favorite pet small
funny My favorite band My two best My two worst IM LOUD
Reliable People probobly think Im weird The two more important personality traits for me would be a persons attitude and way of exression. The most offensive trait in others is being
disrespectful to a unkown person. A value I have is my religion, it's what discribes me the most. I think little kids should believe in santa claus and the rest make believe things, because there should be a time of their lifes where is fun, and there is no problems to worrie about. If my house would get in fire I would take my bible, Its an item I use more than my tv, computer. The future The place I see myself living in would be in newyork,because my family lives there and thats where I have always dreamed of living in. My ideal husband would be a christian, cute, reliable, person who is willing to be with me for who I am not what I look like. In twenty years from now I see my friend Jocy as a nurse. My goals? BECOME AN EVENT PLANNER
mY OWN BUISSNESS EVALUATION I think my vocabulary is a way I have improved in my writing I honestly believe I deserve as my grade a B for this project. My best part for this project was my self-portrait
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