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Intro to OpenEFT

Introducing OpenEFT; 1st Open Exchange Format for Enhanced Tablet Publications

Dianne Kennedy

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Intro to OpenEFT

The First Open Exchange Format
for Enhanced Tablet Publications

Introducing OpenEFT
The Challenge!
Interactive Magazine
production, delivery & display
EFT = Enhanced for Tablet

Open = published, standardized format specification

Open = approved by the industry, managed and enhanced over time

Open = freely available to all
Design Principles
Based on open standards
Based on IDEAlliance specs
Leverage emerging technologies
Simple & straightforward to implement
No disruption to existing workflows
Support today's interactive enhancements
Enable new enhancements over time
Support all highly-designed publications
Consider advertising and analytics
At A Glance
High production costs

Labor intensive

One-off digital editions

Economies of scale remain elusive ...
All across the media value chain – whether
it’s CTOs of magazines, production staff
in the trenches, or developers of digital newsstands – the absence of a standard open format is believed to be inhibiting the development of innovative production tools to support the creative needs of
publishers and advertisers.
OpenEFT is the first open format specification specifically designed for the exchange and rendering of enhanced tablet magazines.
The Plan
June 5: Draft Specification Posted for Public Comment
June 20: Webex Tech Briefing (register on website)
July 22: End of 45 Day Public Comment Period
July 29: Second Draft Posted for Public Comment
Sept 13: End of second Public Comment Period
Sept 29: Publication of OpenEFT Version 1.0

Download: www.openeft.org
Contact: dkennedy@idealliance.org
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