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Stanford University

No description

David Tienda

on 16 May 2015

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Transcript of Stanford University

Stanford University

History & Venue
Founder : Leland Stanford Jane Stanford
Campus and Housing Options
Majors & Learning Environment
Agriculture, Agriculture Operations, And Related Sciences, Natural Resources And Conservation, Area, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender, And Group Studies , Communication, Journalism, And Related Programs, Computer And Information Sciences And Support Services, Education, Engineering, Engineering Technologies And Engineering-related Fields, Foreign Languages, Literature, And Linguistics, Legal Professions And Studies, English Language And Literature/letters,
Liberal Arts And Sciences, General Studies And Humanities, Biological And Biomedical Sciences,
Mathematics And Statistics, Multi/interdisciplinary Studies, Philosophy And Religious Studies, Physical Sciences, Psychology, Public Administration And Social Service Professions, Social Sciences, Visual And Performing Arts,
Health Professions And Related Programs,
Business, Management, Marketing, And Related Support Services, and History
Interesting Facts
Stanford University is located in -
450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305 Stanford is easily accessible from throughout the San Francisco Bay area, including San Francisco, Berkeley, and San Jose.
Stanford Visitor Center
295 Galvez Street
Stanford, CA 94305
Customer Service : 1 (650) 723-2300
Technical Support : 1 (650) 725-4357
Questions/ Report a Problem : helpsu.stanford.edu
Twitter : (@Stanford)
Facebook : Stanford University
Instagram : Stanford
Single Undergraduate Housing :
Residence Halls
Apartments & Suites
Small Group Houses
Room Type 360o View
- Student Life -
Stanford is a residential university with over 11,000 students living on campus. Students have access not only to extraordinary campus resources but also to the Bay Area's many cultural and outdoor attractions.
Rooms. One of the least expensive housing options is to rent a room in a house, often with a family or older person : Average Rent 7/11 : $867
Women's Varsity Sports
Men's Varsity Sports
Baseball, basketball, cross country, fencing, football, golf, gymnastics, rowing, sailing, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field, volleyball, water polo, wrestling
Stanford University
~Die Luft der Freiheit whet~
School colors &
School colors; Cardinal Red and White
School Traditions
The Big Game
Stanford University
:John LeRoy Hennessy
Date of Birth:
September 22, 1952
American computer scientist, academician, and businessman.
Hennessy is the tenth President of Stanford University.
Stanford is a thriving residential campus and community, its hard to believe that Stanford University was once a horse farm belonging to Jane and Leland Stanford. Living at Stanford brings surprises and new experiences every day, as well as meeting creative and accomplished people from around the world.
Single Graduate Housing :
Escondido Village
Escondido South
Lyman Graduate Residences
Munger Graduate Residence
Off-Campus Subsidized
Rains Houses
Schwab Residential Center
Housing for Couples without Children :
Escondido Village
Kennedy Graduate Residences
Munger Graduate Residence
Off-Campus Subsidized
Housing for Students with Children :
Escondido Village Low rises
Bike - Very Popular way to get around school
Free campus shuttle and car - share -
Campus Safety
Public Safety provides police and emergency services 24 hours a day.
Cost For Housing
Places to Share. This can be an apartment or house where the current occupants are seeking housemates to fill a vacant room : Average Rent 7/11 $788
Apartments. Most apartments are part of a complex, but occasionally they are separate units in a house or attached to a house. : Average Rents 5/11: Studio $1,305 1 bedroom $1,548 2 bedrooms $2,080 3 bedrooms $2,943
Cottages. A small house, usually on the property of a larger house occupied by the owner. : Average Rent 7/11: Studio $1,091 1 bedroom $1,450 2 bedroom $2,736
Houses. A house offers greater space and privacy than any other option, but is expensive : Average Rents 7/11: 2 bedrooms $2,506 3 bedrooms $3,089
4 bedrooms $4,124
Condos. These are apartment-like units owned by individuals and rented out. : Average Rents 7/11: 2 bedrooms $2,826 3 bedrooms $2,883
Basketball, Cross Country, Fencing, Field Hockey,
Fencing, Golf, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Lightweight Rowing, Rowing, Sailing, Sand Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming and Diving Synchronized, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, Water Polo
Undeclared 48.1%
Earth Science 1.4%
Engineering 19.8 %
Humanities and Sciences 30.7%
Male 52.8%
Female 47.2%
White - 42.8%
Asian - 22.6%
Hispanic/Mexican - 14%
African American - 7.5%
International - 8.2%
Unknown - 2.6%
Native American - 2.1%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander - 1.2%

Tuition Cost :
Undergraduate $14,728
Graduate 11-18 units $14,728
Graduate 8,9,10-unit rate $9,570
Each graduate unit above 18 $982
Graduate Engineering $15,691
Graduate Engineering 8,9,10-unit rate $10,200
Each graduate Engineering unit above 18 $1,046
Graduate School of Business (M.B.A. program—first year)* $20,625
Graduate School of Business (M.B.A. program—second year)* $19,850
School of Medicine (M.D. Program—FY 2011 and beyond)* $16,905
School of Medicine (M.D. Program—FY 2010 and earlier)* $17,822
Law School $17,450
GSB & Law Joint Program** $18,277
Permit for Services Only (PSO) $4,455
Permit to Attend (PTA)*** $4,455
TGR (Terminal Graduate Registration) $2,871
TMR (Terminal Medical Registration—FY 2010 and earlier) $2,673
Medical School Research Rate (FY 2011 and beyond) $3,380
Requirements for Acceptance
GPA : 3.7 or Higher
SAT Writing : 680-780
SAT Critical Reading : 680-780
SAT Math : 700- 790
ACT Composite : 30-36
ACT Writing/English : 30-36
Stanford University Notable Places/Buildings:
Hoover Tower
Auguste Rodin
Memory Church
English Translation
The Wind of Freedom Blows
School Mascot : Stanford Tree
Annual football game against rival, University of Berkeley.
Fountain Hopping
Students play in Stanford's main campus fountains
Wacky Walk
The first few minutes of graduation undergraduates swarm the Stanford Stadium in costumes
Year Founded: March 9, 1885
Reason : Leland and Jane had one son, who died of typhoid fever in 1884. Leland Jr. was just 15, within weeks of his death, the Stanfords decided that, because they no longer could do anything for their own child, "the children of California shall be our children." They quickly set about to find a lasting way to memorialize their beloved son and then Stanford University was created.
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