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The 60's

By Malanee

Malanee Farrell

on 17 February 2010

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Transcript of The 60's

Bellbottoms Love Beads Tie Dye Tees Smiley Faces Hair Ironing Mood Rings Go Go Boots Granny Glasses Hot Pants History 1963- Mary Quant started her own label, and is responsible for designing mini skirts, colored tights, and wet look vinyl fashions.
1964- Space age clothing starts to become popular. Different materials were used such as discs of metal or plastic linked together with wire. Leather is also used. Metallic or neon colors were involved. 1964- Mini skirts become much shorter. Op art becomes more popular. Optic trick using contrasting colors with black and white to make a sort of optical illusion. 1965- Psychedelic clothing is now a hit. Colors (acid colors) are brighter and bolder. Men begin to dress "fancy". 1967- Ethnic fashions begins to spread. The ethnic look is clothing picked up from other cultures. The Oriental look and the African/Middle Eastern looks were both port of the ethnic fashion. 1968-1969- Skirts begin to lengthen out, along with hair. The "Hippie look" is now popular. The women wore long floor length dresses and skirts called maxies. Men continued to grow their hair longer. Hippies decorated everything, including painting their bodies. More History 1960- The first debate for a presidential election was televised. It was between Senator John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. Nixon seemed nervous, but Kennedy stood tall. The debate on TV changed many people's minds about Kennedy. 1961- John F Kennedy moves into the White House. He gives his famous speech - "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." 1962- John Glenn became the first man to orbit the earth - 3 times. It was a five hour flight. 1963- Martin Luther King Jr. made the speech, "I have a Dream" on August 28, 1963. More than 200,000 peaceful demonstrators came to Washington DC to demand equal rights for Black and Whites. 1965- President Johnson ordered bombing raids on North Vietnam and Americans begin protesting the war. 1966- Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey Mouse and a Pioneer of animated films, died of cancer on December 15, 1966, but his legend lives on. Political Influences Kennedy
Martin Luther King
Vietnam War
Moon Landing
Woodstock Sports/Art/Music Bill Russell lead the Boston Celtics to victory in the NBA Finals of 1969. Pop art, Op art, Pyschedelic art Beatles, Rolling Stones,The Temptations Fashion Hemlines going up
Sheath Dresses
Vouge Hairstyles
Stiletto Shoes
Bloused Bodices

Interesting Facts Population 177,830,000
Unemployment 3,852,000
Average Salary $4,743
Teacher's Salary $5,174
Minimum Wage $1.00 A great decade for musicals such as: Camelot, Hello Dolly, Oliver, Man of La Mancha, Hair, and Funny Girl.
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