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civil war rael 7

No description

lauren rael

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of civil war rael 7

facts allowed salves to be counted as 3/5 of a person slave trade cannot be stopped until at least 1808 U.S. consttution artical 1section 3/5 cause
Artical 1 section 9 slave trade
artical 5
U.S. cannot make amendement to ban salvery evidence civil wa souther secession MO comprimise of 1820 connection Constition
1787/1791 13 th amndment 1864/1865 facts officaly bans salvery/ amkes it illegal in the united sates congress can make laws to ensure that salvery is stopped evidence 13th amendment
sections 1 and 2 connections emancipation proclamations
constitutionoriganally allowed salvery until at least 1808 facts grants citizenship all "people" does not includde women(cant vote)
does not include native americans
evidence amendment 14 section 1
all persoms born or naturalized in the U.S....... are citizens
no states can abridge or deny
equal protection of the laws section2
overrides the 3/5ths clause
all"presons"are counted as 1 for representative Connections removes 3/5ths clause
removes salvery from constitution 15th amendment
1870 Facts guaranyes afican- american males th eright to vote Evidence amendment 15
sections 1 and 2 connections amendment 13 and 14
women civial war amendment facts prexident johnson want sates to rejoin ASAP the 13th amendment (bans slavery) evidence free man estalbish to help former salver use citizenship when start rejoined many white southernes took power and passed laws denying right to black work curfews civil rights act 1866 stop black codes 14th amendment can't deny to any person equal protection of the law connection/fact military reconstruction act U.S. troops sent to enfoce rights of blacks johnson impeached stop free mans bureau/recon sharecropping blacks were forced into unfair contracts slaves were'nt very educated (could'nt read)essentially made them legal slaves until they could pay det (which was almost impossible)
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